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  1. 89xjgrey

    Official group photo???

    Just wondering where I can find it if it has been posted already... Thanks.
  2. 89xjgrey

    Just wanted to say thanks...

    On behalf of Empire Offroad, we just wanted to say thank you to the MWC for putting on such a great event. We will definately be attending next years Winterfest. Awesome job to all those involved. It was also great to put more faces to names. Happy wheeling!
  3. 89xjgrey

    Snap On MODIS Diagnostic Information System

    I no longer need this since I've taken a job with a CDJ dealership...not looking to make money, just wanting to get rid of the payments since I no longer use it.
  4. 89xjgrey

    Official group photo?

    Just was wondering if it was posted up on here somewhere, or what? Thanks.
  5. 89xjgrey

    Help a fellow MWC member out...

    ...Vote for me here. :-) MWC represent!
  6. 89xjgrey

    C-Clip removal on 8.25 with Powertrax locker...

    Does anyone have any tips or tricks to aid in the removal of the C clip out of the little notch in the Powertrax locker? I can't grab it with my hook pics and my magnet is not skinny enough. Tried tried using gravity by putting the notch downward and letting the clip fall out, but it doesn't...
  7. 89xjgrey

    New Treks (T&T Customs) HD Bellypan, 2 piece...

    Received this from T&T Customs on Friday night. Unfortunately, had to modify it to work with my IRO long arm brackets. Modification would not have been necessary had I mounted it under my long arm brackets, but that was entirely too much work than I wanted to do, besides, it'll make...
  8. 89xjgrey

    Can you identify this thermostat?

    Just pulled this out of my XJ and I've never seen one designed quite like this before. Being an ASE tech, I've seen quite my share of thermostats, too!
  9. 89xjgrey

    99 XJ Water coming from HVAC Housing - Yes, I searched.

    The long and short... Only when it rains or at a car wash. It's not anti-freeze. Water on passanger side floor. It is not the antannea hole, I have no anteanna and plugged that hole with a rubber grommet. Every other water problem I've read on here points to the seal at the blower motor...
  10. 89xjgrey

    Just installed JCR Offroad tail light housings...

    New tail light housings from JCR Offroad...
  11. 89xjgrey

    FS: 29 Spline Chrysler 8.25

    Full Axle, equipped with ZJ disc brakes, newer pads, rotors, and calipers. Trac Lok carrier, newer clutches, (~8000 miles) but could use carrier bearings. Drain plug. 3.55 Ratio. Would like to get $150, but entertaining offers...
  12. 89xjgrey

    FS: 29 Spline Chrysler 8.25...

    Full Axle, equipped with ZJ disc brakes, newer pads, rotors, and calipers. Trac Lok carrier, newer clutches, (~8000 miles) but could use carrier bearings. Drain plug. 3.55 Ratio. Would like to get $150, but entertaining offers...
  13. 89xjgrey

    WTB: Want to buy C8.25 4.10 gears...

    Like the title says, I'm trying to find a set of new or slightly used set of Chrysler 8 1/4 4.10 ring and pinion. Thanks.
  14. 89xjgrey

    WJ Rod end on an XJ Pitman Arm...

    Just wondering if the WJ rod end will fit properly into an XJ pitman arm...or are the tapers different? I'm asking because my new Moog WJ rod end is bad already after only 2 weeks. Setup: WJ Knuckles, JKS spacers, JKS rods, and Moog rod ends, and XJ drop pitman arm.
  15. 89xjgrey

    My Dual Optima Setup...

    Well today I finished up my dual optima battery project. As of now, batteries are run in parallel until I get a good battery management system. The driver side battery is mounted with the same battery tray and hold downs as the passanger side. Let me know what you think...
  16. 89xjgrey

    97+ Woodgrain center console

    I've got an OEM woodgrain center console for '97 and newer XJ's that I don't need anymore. Would like $20 plus applicable shipping. Thanks.
  17. 89xjgrey

    NP231 OEM Chain, gears, and mainshaft

    Like the title says, OEM chain and gears and mainshaft from a NP231. Came out of a good working case, no slop in the chain. Great for spares. $40 plus shipping. Thanks.
  18. 89xjgrey

    4.5" Rough Country XJ Front Coils...$85 shipped.

    Used. 8,000 miles on them. Only getting rid of them because I went to a bigger coil. Some paint flaking off. $85 shipped to the 48.
  19. 89xjgrey

    Steering stabalizer on WJ knuckle swap...?

    Well I don't like the lack of clearance between the tie rod and steering stabalizer on my XJ with WJ knuckles, JKS tie rod/drag link, flip inserts, and WJ rod ends. I'm wondering if anyone has run their steering damper from the passanger side frame down to the drag link, as opposed to the stock...
  20. 89xjgrey

    Rock Krawler track bar rod end?

    Does anyone know what the specs are on the rod end that Rock Krawler utilizes for their 'Bomb proof' track bar? I just went OTA with my track bar mount and want to make a straight track bar, but I also want to utilize my RK frame bracket and rod end, so I need to know what size it is to order...