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    Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowling

    Hello everyone, I don't log in often but some of you might remember me from Winterfest or other trail runs, I've went with Prepmech to a few events. Anyway, I'm going Big Brothers Big Sisters bowling again this year. If you can spare a few bucks it'll go to a great cause. You can donate directly...
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    Finally, WF2007 pictures

    I kinda forgot about posting a link up to the pictures that I took at Winterfest until Trav reminded me. Heres a link to my photobucket account. and if anyone cares to see them, I got a few pictures of rally cars while they...
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    Winterfest 06

    Hey guys, I was the guy riding with Lawn Chair on Friday and also Sat. morning. Thanks for such a great time. I had a blast the whole weekend and everyone I met was cool. I have some pictures that I'd like to post up. The site I use for hosting is we-todd-did-racing and they won't let me post...