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  1. mattyj

    Whining and B*tching?????

    Whining and Bitching......... seems to be a heck of alot going on here. WHY?????? I just dont really understand what is so wrong here? Its a jeep club, thats it. People who have a similar interest can get tech help, shoot the shit about things of common interest, and organize some wheeling...
  2. mattyj

    Calico Halloween bash.

    Anyone going. Mule Canyon - Calico, California Thursday, October 29th - Sunday, November 1st The organized runs will be on Saturday, October 31st - November 1st. The Wrecked will be in Calico starting Thursday, October 29th wheelin’ and camping! Saturdays Line-up 9:00 am: Gather for...
  3. mattyj

    Rockin XJ Jamboree (Goatfest) Trails......

    Trail thread is up.
  4. mattyj


    So it looks as though Cal and I will be organising runs this year. Im curious as to what you guys want to run? Right now this what we're thinking. Rigs for any runs should have tow/recovery points front and rear. Easy/Scenic - good for stockers or the like. Explore some of what Johnson...
  5. mattyj

    Reports and pics!!!!????

    So where the heck are all the pics and daily trail reports?? You lucky bastards are all obviously having too much fun. Please consider all of the poor soles that had to stay home to work! :D
  6. mattyj

    So Kyung........what are these for???

  7. mattyj

    "Fun in the Desert". JV, Sept 25-27

    Just curious if any of you boys will be attending the Victor Valley 4 Wheelers event "Fun in the Desert" in Johnson Valley on Sept 25-27. Funds raised, go towards helping keep our JV trails open for all to enjoy. Last year they had about 100 rigs running about 8 different trails. All levels...
  8. mattyj

    My cherokee on canvas.

    So my girlfriends Mom dabbles in a little paiting on the side. She just knocked out 24" x 20" rendition of my old cherokee on an obstacle at Cougar Buttes. Pretty cool huh?!? here is the photo she copied.
  9. mattyj

    Rock Brawlers midnight JV run, Sat 8th.

    Any one heading out for the Annual Rock Brawlers Midnight Run at JV this weekend? Sign up for trails is 9pm on Means Dry Lake, Boone Rd, Johnson Valley. They are doing trails for all levels, from what i understand. So far it sounds like 35-40 rigs are rollin up. Should be a fun night...
  10. mattyj

    JV night wheeling??

    Any interest for some JV night wheeling either Friday or Saturday night this weekend??
  11. mattyj

    Think he was jumping??

    Saw this guy driving down the 15 yesterday. The thing had some unbelievable camber settings on the front wheels. :D Shitty pic, but you get the idea.
  12. mattyj

    Rick+Matty+CougarButtes+Buggy=F*%Kin FUN!!

    So I was spending the weekend in Big Bear with my girls, Rick & Bonnie. Rick and I managed to sneak away in the buggy for a late night John Bull run on Friday night and then headed to Cougar Buttes for a couple hours on Saturday. My second trip out in the buggy and Ricks first, we put the thing...
  13. mattyj

    JV night run. Sat June 13th.

    So im looking to take the new rig out for a shake down run in JV on Saturday June 13th. Plans are to get out there Saturday lunchtime/afternoon and start doing some runs into and during the evening, maybe something sunday morning too. Anyone interested??
  14. mattyj

    Dana 30 Alloy USA diff cover....

    I have a brand new Alloy USA heavy duty steel diff cover. Like this: No mounting bolts though. $50
  15. mattyj

    New Fuel pump.

    Brand New in Box, Carter Fuel pump. Was a trail spare for my 98 cherokee...not exactly sure what other years it fitted, but suspect most late models. Sure somebody smart (Cal), knows the answer :D $40
  16. mattyj

    Dana 30 Alloy USA axles....

    I have 2 new 30 spline Alloy USA, Dana 30 outer/stub shafts, 1 new short side 30 spline inner & 1 used (and slightly twisted) long side inner. Plus 2 new Spicer 760 u-joints with full circle clips. I had all this for trail spares. Send the long side back for warranty and you'll have a full...
  17. mattyj

    WTB front clip

    Looking for a late model front clip/grill......figured i'd ask before scouting out the PAP.
  18. mattyj

    Feeler for my built exo'd XJ.....

    So im considering selling my XJ. Some of you have seen it personally and for a full bodied jeep , it gets it done on the trails. It has been meticulously maintained and built up with only the best stuff. Please PM me with questions or specific pic requests. This thing is ready to wheel, nothing...
  19. mattyj

    Reno Rocks event, June 17-21???

    Any one thinking of checking it out? I was thinking about heading up there to check out the WEROCK event and maybe entering the High Sierra Rock Crawling event on Saturday.
  20. mattyj

    Test your reaction time....

    The boys and i have been messing around at work. Best i got was .265, One of the other mechanics with ADD got .219 :D Try.