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    Jeep Beach 2009-Daytona This weekend coming up - May 15 thru 17. click the link above if your interested.
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    please name change

    when you have time, please change my name from Greenlantern to Rambo Thanks Alberto
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    wtb - coil perches, Tb mount, shock mounts kit

    I got a dana44 but i need to convert it for my TJ, does anyone know where i can buy the coil perches -kit,etc...? only place i found so far is dynatrack i think... thanks
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    Cherokee Crawl 07 slideshow

    Here are the pics Blackclassic and I took. Enjoy...
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    Help, need info on my dana30 w/3.55

    I searched, but couldnt find a definate answer. I have a hp dana 30 rev rotation with stock 3.55 gears. My question is can i change to 4.56 gears without changing my carrier. I heard there there is a carrier cut off size. Please post if you know for sure i can upgrade to 4.56 without...
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    Little Flex testin today

    Wanted to test out the new Jubicon lift and the new 6" lift skyjacker shocks. Just need to add 3 or 4 hockey pucks to each coil! I was very impressed with it!
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    4.5 inch coils wanted!

    4.5 inch coils wanted! i need to even out my xj. So if you have some for sale please email me asap Thanks :worship:
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    2004 Honda Odyssey LX - $16500 thanks for looking
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    1986 2.8 L v6 Help Needed

    I am currenty putting back together the top half of my 2.8 engine, but now i dont remember exactly how all of the accessorys go back.... dont flame me :repair: if some one on here has this engine, would you please post a couple pics of the engine compartment... emphasis on alt/ac/ps...
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    WTB - Swaybar Disco's for 3-4" lift

    WTB - Swaybar Disco's for 3-4" lift, any type thanks
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    skyjacker trackbar bushing help

    is the skyjacker trackbar bushing (axle end) something i can just buy anywhere? or is it a special size from skyjacker??? i am getting some play on that bushing even after tightening it... any tips on where to buy that bushing? a strong one? tia Alberto
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    2.6 V6? is that an oem Engine?

    2.6 V6? is that an oem Engine?, a friend my be picking up an old xj, and the owner said it had a 2.6 v6. 80's xj. Can someone confirm this for me? Thanks :repair:
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    My Tellico/Beasley Knob pics

    Here is a slide show of the pics i was able to take. Brian, thanks for showing me Beasley. Would also like to thank YellowXJ,red94yj,cabz,Andy i think(tan xj),michelle, for a great time on upper 2., oh and Ghost for the my trackbar bolt. Also met Mr.Mom and his buddy on my way back from...
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    need oil pan bolt torque specs

    :repair: need oil pan torque specs and the 2 bolts holding the seal(crankshaft bolts specs?), gonna try to tackle the rear main seal on my 98 xj auto. Thanks fellas.
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    Clewiston, Florida House For Sale 33440

    Asking 185k obo, 3br/2bath. Central ac, large corner lot in very nice neighborhood. Located in Clewiston, FL 33440. next to lake Okeechobee.... see pics here..
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    Dana 30 help

    Hello all, Will any years drivers side Dana 30 front axle shaft fit/work with my 1998 Dana 30? I was at a junk yard yesterday, and was thinking of pulling hub/ujoint/axle shaft all in one for a trial spare from the many old xj's that were there.... Thanks Alberto:repair:
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    I did a search and no luck...:confused1 Whats the easiest way to tell if i have the factory Trac-Lok in my 98 C8.25 29 spline rear end? I just ordered the no slip locker and they asked me if i had an open carrier or the traclock... thanks for your help/..
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    Home Landscape Idea

    what you think???
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    will a 31" spare tire fit in the stock location?

    will a 31" spare tire fit in the stock location? i have the 98 xj 4 door thanks