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  1. cnjcherokee

    '00 XJ Part out/sell whole $750

    I am parting out my 2000 Jeep Cherokee XJ 4.0 I6, AW4, NP231 (~70k miles on drivetrain). I have owned her for 7 years and just got military orders out of Omaha so I can't bring her. Or take the whole pile for $750 I don't have any tools to pull stuff off here so the price has been adjusted to...
  2. cnjcherokee

    Class 3 hitch, c4x4 tow hooks, etc

    U haul class 3 hitch with nut sets bought from U haul -$60 Custom 4x4 fab towhooks with brackets -$40 (never installed)I have a t-case drop 1" from BDS for-$10 (never installed)Skyjacker rear brakeline extension for-$20 Stock coils-20 BDS extended swaybar links w stock swaybar and new swaybar...
  3. cnjcherokee

    WTB 4.0L

    My motor went. I have a 2000 so that's preferred, also as close to New Jersey as possible
  4. cnjcherokee

    Ghetto tools: and if they work or not

    Post things people have done to get around buying tools, and if you think they're good/bad safe eh? Tube bender somebody posted on facebook bragging that all it took was some sheet and 2 bolts
  5. cnjcherokee

    Differential cover Breakage

    Alright this is pretty hard to search, so I figure I'll just ask. Has anyone on here ever broken an aftermarket diff cover? There's alot of talk about strength and this is thicker/stronger than that, but I've never heard of anyone breaking any of them, particular concern for SOLID because of...
  6. cnjcherokee

    Looking for a lot

    Hey guys I'll be heading to BMT for the Air Force in a couple months, and I wanna get my rig trail ready before then, just thought I'd throw this up in case someone has stuff in storage Things that I'm looking for: Rear tire carrier bumper Transfer case skid (231) Gas skid(97+) Lunchbox for...
  7. cnjcherokee

    ASVAB tips?

    Hey guys, I'll be a part of the Delayed Enlistment Program or DEP in the Air Force beginning Wednesday, I take the ASVAB then stay overnight and get a doctors physical in the morning. I know a bunch of guys on here are or have been in the forces(a bunch is conservative), and from what I've been...
  8. cnjcherokee

    Yea, or Nay?
  9. cnjcherokee

    Rocker/Slider Question

    I'm in the process of armoring my jeep, and I've seen tons of threads regarding rocker replacement. This seems like the solid, budget minded thing to do, especially with clearance in mind so maybe they'll last that much longer compared to jcr/rustys/ajs which hang lower So my question: all of...
  10. cnjcherokee

    Worth reviving my old 4.0?

    First of all it is important to know that I am broke, have no tools, and no experience working on cars 2000 XJ Sport 4.0 w/180k AW4 231 30/8.25 I have a rear main failure, and what I believe is a cracked 0331, but it may just be a head gasket. I have a couple broken bolts stuck in places on...
  11. cnjcherokee

    Another cooling thread

    Hey guys I just got a new 2 row CSF radiator from radiatorbarn, because the stock one had a leak, and I had been running a little over 210. Now I'm still running pretty hot when I idle or drive in traffic, Today I watched it while I idled and it crept all the way to 220. I've heard an f350...
  12. cnjcherokee

    Swaybar link trouble

    I put my BDS 3 inch kit in almost 2 months ago, and it included extended sway bar links. I noticed that the bolt holding the link onto the sway bar was loose, but a wrench wont fit in there, and neither will a socket, the wrench is just too wide...
  13. cnjcherokee

    Starter tool set

    Hey guys I'm pretty new to jeep ownership, and have very few tools, all of which are unorganized. I want to buy a set of tools (preferably craftsman) that will have what I need to do basic repairs, or install bumpers, and other aftermarket purchases. This one seems ideal, is there anything else...
  14. cnjcherokee

    NJ Motor Help

    So I've got this 2000 cherokee 4.0 (0331) and it's blowing white smoke. I've been losing coolant for about a month now It could be the head gasket but I have overheated, and my year is notorious for cylinder head cracks so does anyone close by have a trusted shop that could help me out? Also...
  15. cnjcherokee

    Does anyone run this?

    I searched and couldn't find anyone running the froehlich rear bumper w/tire carrier It's the lowest price that I have found but I'd like to hear if anyone has had good or bad experiences with it. Thanks
  16. cnjcherokee

    New Detours Tire Carrier Is anyone else excited about this? should be able to fit most tires with appropriate lifts
  17. cnjcherokee

    Rocktoberfest advice needed

    Hey guys, Ill be going to rocktoberfest, and planning on wheeling blues and greens because I only have a 3 inch Bds lift, and 31s on it right now. Any advice I should know before going in, or any essentials that I'll need for these trails? I appreciate any help
  18. cnjcherokee

    My 2000 cherokee build(slow)

    Alright so i bought this fresh blue (darker) 175k 4.0 xj in August. Since then ive replaced belts, spark plugs, and some other simple things And when the hurricane hit i was driving by the beach through the floods and lost my passenger front flare oops, havent fixed er yet So i got to the point...