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    Change of Weather for NW Fest

    Just a friendly heads up that it'll be cold and rainy this week. This was pulled from the GPS location of Whistlin' Jacks. Bring pants. Or don't. Me, I'm looking forward to some slop. Oh and Mt Hood is snowing right now, so I can only assume there'll be spots up there that'll get the same =)
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    WTB Misc cheap parts

    Have a family member who is trying to build a budget XJ. What we are looking for is: 70s F150 coils Dakota springs Short arms Drop pitman arm ZJ steering If you have any of this stuff floating around and armsrmarmnre looking for free-chump change, let me know! -Mike Call or text: 503.442.1964
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    2000 XJ on 37's and full widths - $10k

    The beast is for sale! HP44, 9", Detroits, 5.13s, Long arms, built 4.0, 6.5" of lift (custom), rear disks, Rubicon case, AW4 with rail shifter, air compressor, armor, and so much more. Extremely clean, well known as a capable snow/mud/rock capable rig, and extremely well built. This is not your...
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    LF Heim 1" bore, 1.25" rod shaft #16 threads

    So, I'm using a set of heims that are toast where the eye is 1", shaft is 1.25" with 2.5" length and threads at 16 per inch. I was really hoping for Johnny Joints of Enduro's, but neither of them have anything with that threading or 1" eye. My biggest complaint about the heims I had is they...
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    Recommendations on leafsprings for 5.5"/6"

    Had an older set of RE 5.5" springs. Too short and so my rear axle was slid forward too far and looked goofy. Switched to IRO since they advertised their springs are 3" longer than stock. Puts the rear axle *exactly* where it should be, but the springs are garbage .. been 9 months and they are...
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    Quick question on NW Fest

    About what time each year do you guys figure out the weekend and stuff? Mine and my wife's work are challenging to schedule PTO and I need to give a few months notice for a longer trip so I want to make sure I'm in the clear. I also have a bunch of friends who wheel XJs that will want to tag...
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    Anyone other than HORE make 2dr Fender armor w/ flares?

    I want to look at options for front & rear fender armor for my 2 door. I need to have flares on them (required by law and yes, the cops enforce it here). The only set I've found so far is by Hooligan Offroad and I was hoping someone else might make some that I can check out. On the plus side...
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    Looking for Suggestions - My XJ is gutless

    So, a few years back I still had the original '00 block in this thing. Motor went boom, so it now has an HO from a '95. Still using the coil rail setup. New CPS, TPS, MAP, Coil rail, 4 hole injectors, no CEL's, blah blah blah ... I mean, so much in this damn thing has been replaced except for...
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    RADesigns/Manual shifting of AW4 Question

    Alright, so I'm sitting on the rail shifter and I want to install it tonight or tomorrow. I've read the instructions but I want to deviate from it slightly in that I don't care about the torque convertor lockup. I only plan to use the rail shifter if I'm crawling, other than that (mud, snow...
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    Superlift Truspeed - Where is it?

    Ok, so when I bought my XJ years ago from the previous owner, he had this stack of all the ridiculous bolt on crap he put on it. One of the line items from an order/work done by Six States was a Superlift Truspeed (adjusts the speedometer to compensate for tire sizes. See here...
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    Airbag light turns on/off when turning the wheel

    So, I had a good portion of my dash apart for the past month troubleshooting some wiring issues. When I put it all back together, now I have an issue where when I turn my steering wheel the airbag light will turn on for up to 10 seconds and then turn off. It feels like when I turn the wheel a...
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    Cam Position Sensor install on 00

    I'm going to have to install a new oil drive/cam sensor on my 2000 XJ in the next few days. I can't mark down the position on the old one (long story). I've read a few guides and I'm somewhat confused on a few parts: 1. The 2000 Cherokee's don't have timing marks, so there's no way to set it to...
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    "no bus" after wiring swap

    So I've been working on swapping in a '98 PCM, Harness, Distributor, etc in my 2000 XJ. I've gotten it all in now and the motor kicks over (doesn't fire, but I still need to put in the distributor right, but thats a different story). When I turn the key on, it takes a few seconds and then the...
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    The "WTH is this plug under my hood?!" game

    I have a 2000 XJ and I've been putting in a 1998 engine harness, distributor and coil. Therefore, many of the sensors are for a 2000, and the harness for the '98 seems to be different in a few ways. What's left over is a few sensors that I likely need the older version of, a few plugs I don't...
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    What does this plug on my engine harness go to?

    Harness is from a '98 XJ. There's 2 plugs that come off the front of the injector harness on the 98. On my 00 it only had the one plug and not this long one, so I have no clue what it goes to! Picture: (Backstory: Switching from '00 to '98 harness, distributor, coil, PCM, etc)
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    2000 Engine wiring schematic

    I have everything up through 1998 and can't find it in any of my books or through google. Anyone have it and can take a picture? I'm trying to determine if the harness is different between the '98 and '00/01's. Thanks!
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    Anyone know if a '98 harness will plug in to a 00?

    I'm at least considering the possibility of switching out from my '00 coil rail, PCM, etc. I'm wondering if a harness from a 98 can plug in to the column, allowing me a fairly painless swap to a distributor, etc.
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    Multiple Cyl Misfire

    Here's the short story: '00 XJ Did not have the issue a month ago. Motor threw the #5. Swapped in a block from a 95, kept all the late model stuff (coil rail, etc). Block in donor vehicle ran perfect. Now, from the minute the new motor was put in, I get a multiple cyl misfire under load...
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    00 XJ with 95 Motor

    My motor took a dive, so I have my hands on a 95. Plans are to swap it in but keep the 00 intake, coil rail, etc and fab up whatever brackets are needed. A buddy mentioned that the PCM from the 00 may not work perfectly with the 95 motor since it will run slightly different. That prompted a...
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    lift parts?

    My brother in law just turned 18, just picked up his first XJ after saving up for months, and is broke as shit. He's been riding shotgun with people and really wants to build it up but doesn't have cash for crap. I was thinking that with how many hardcore wheelers we have here, its possible I...