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    I'm looking for some opinions on my D44 lock-right. I replaced the pins and springs last March and only went on a few wheeling trips since then. I pulled it out today and found 3 of the pins were broken. Could this be my problem? I'm trying to decide if this locker is worn out and I should...
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    RE 1462 Leaf Springs

    They're a little saggy but aren't bent or cracked. $50 for the pair.
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    Repairs made on Metal Masher
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    Tail light assembly

    Can someone tell me the size of the mounting screws for the tail light assemblies on a 95?
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    Kane Creek
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    Parts for sale

    I have lots of parts that I can bring to Moab with me. RE 5.5" extreme duty kit components drop brackets, adjustable track bar, springs etc... skid row gas tank skid stock t-case skid 242 t-case 21spline with hack'n'tap