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    Selling my Jeep..... it is.
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    Who live in PA by New Bloomfield?

    So heres the deal, my brother for some reason wants this truck, and we live in Utah...
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    Anyone have a spare steering box?

    I need a new one, thanks.
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    LAZY B.O.D.

    I would like to congratulate our National BOD for screwing the pooch and not doing a damn thing for the Fall Fling. From what I heard it was thrown onto Remi and Derek, of which, they did a damn good job last minute putting and keeping it together. Also thanks to Ryan (Dr.Moab) for at least...
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    Touristy stuff...

    I was thinking, since I have ran most the trails in Moab, that it would be cool to get a few people together to do a river rafting trip. Any thoughts on this? Derek, do you have any buddies that guide, or recommend a place? Also was thinking of going to Arches and a few other places that I...
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    ....well maybe not, most know I am an idiot. But this will give without a doubt evidence. First I will soften you up with a cute lil deer. Then a cute little moose. Now some rainy weather. Now some burnt trees. Cool eh? And now the conclusion.... When you only have the stock...
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    Anyone around Hagerstown MD?

    and need something to do tonight? Just wondering if anyone wants to show me and my gf around DC, never been before and wouldnt mind seeing some things, just tonight. I am stuck at a truck stop and cant exactly take my truck there. Thanks.
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    XM vs Sirius

    So I was thinking of getting one of these. XM seems to have more broad stations, but Sirius has crap like SHADE 45 (Slim Shady uncut), which I think is a waste of a station. But then Sirius has 80s hair band station, and well...thats cool. Along with having a Playboy channel...anyone have...
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    Lets see...

    Did it work?
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    Hey Goatman!!!

    I thought Green River, UT was bad. Bakersfield is much better.
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    Tru Trac Question

    Does a tru trac still have spider gears?
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    Changing the fluid in a 9"

    So what would be the easiest way to change the fluid in the 9" without pulling the 3rd member? I really dont wanna pull both shafts, the driveline and the 3rd member to drain it. First idea: Pull one shaft and jack it up on the opposite side trying to drain it out through the shaft. Not...
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    Single guys..."Get some dinner recipes"

    All these Christmas recipes and such going on right now, I figured I would throw this one out there. :chef: Every guy that is single has one good meal he can make well enough to impress a female. If he doesnt, this thread is to share your "get laid" meals with those who can't cook. Whats...
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    Israel soon to have 2nd largest fleet of F-16s...

    The F-16I Longer range too, can target Iran, woohoo.. Some pics...
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    Captain Ron's New Shaft....

    ....and T-case. Here ya go, pics of your new parts. Enjoy. Hope they work out for ya, and dont forget to take the rubber off the shaft before insertion.
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    Nothing to see here, please move on.
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    Have you ever tried.... food? Due to a recent finding I have found that my landlord, most of you know of whom I am talking about, has never tried it, and is completely disgusted at the fact that I have and did in front of him. So most of you know the current situation, and I know the jokes will commence after...
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    Fan Pulley Mount Thingy Wobbly?

    So driving down the freeway yesterday my fan decided wobble, I dont know which thing started first, but mount that the pulley mounts to wobbles now (ya know the one with the 4 studs on it and is mounted to a bracket under the A/C). Sorry for not knowing what it is, I know its an idler pulley...
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    How come this works here...

    But not in any other forums? <embed name="RAOCXplayer" src="" width="320" ShowC."1" ShowStatusBar="0" AutoSize="false" EnableC."0" DisplaySize="0">
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    Speedo cable and new SYE

    96 cherokee, 231 t-case, new SYE, speedo attached, new gears=speedo not working. Anyone?