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    88 XJ For Sale

    Located in Chambersburg, PA 17201. Please see this for pictures and info. Price is $4000 but I'm willing to talk. I need it gone. ASAP. Thanks, Paul
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    FS-Spidertrax Spacers

    For Sale my used Spidertrax Spacers These 1.25" thick, 5 on 4.5", 6061T6 aluminum spacers are an easy way of spacing out front and rear Jeep XJ, YJ, TJ, ZJ, KJ and KK axles. Each kit comes with 2 wheel spacers, 10 standard wheel studs (pre-installed), wheel spacers are anodized in dark blue...
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    For Sale-Used T&T Customs XJ Trackbar System, 0-6" lift (TNT-TT-1056)

    T&T Customs XJ Trackbar System, 0-6" lift (TNT-TT-1056) For Sale- 3 years old, less than 5,000 miles on it a few scrapes. Going in a different direction so this must go. $185obo. Paypal only or local pick up. Email: I will ship and would guess about $20-$25 to ship because...
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    Aussie Locker XD-13027 for a Dana 30 for sale-Used

    Aussie Locker XD-13027 for a Dana 30 for sale-it is used with less than 5000k miles on it. I'm going to an ARB in the front and this must go. $175-shipped. Pay Pal Only. It is coming out this Saturday morning, no teeth are missing and it works great. Fits, XJ, TJ, YJ, WJ...
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    I'm in need to replacing my bushings and can get stock replacements local for cheap for OEM leaf springs. Does these/are these the same size? I'm looking to replace them this weekend if possible and don't want to order from RE. Thanks, Juice
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    1988 XJ Cherokee For Sale

    As it says, 1988 XJ Cherokee For Sale 34k miles-odo reads right with the new engine in 2003. 4.0 AW4 NP242 with RE hack and tap (correct speedo gear) Dana 30-4.11 Yukon Gears, Alloy USA shafts, Alloy USA seals, control arm skids, extended sway bar mounts. Dana 44-4.11 Yukon Gears, Alloy USA...
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    WTB-Stock Air Box-

    I need a stock air box for my 88 XJ. I'll pay the shipping no problem. Thanks, Juice
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    IPF H4 Headlight Lenses w/Bulbs

    Like it says, IPF Headlight Lenses w/ 55/60Watt H4 Bulbs. $50.00 shipped takes them. I don't need them anymore. Paypal only, is the paypal email. Thanks, Juice
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    Rustys TB Spacer 87-90

    The Rusty's spacer is a very economical way to produce more horsepower, torque, and fuel economy. Rusty's billet CNC machined spacer raises the throttle body one inch and the rotating air design offers better air and fuel mixture for a more complete combustion. All this results in 6 to 10 rear...
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    RC Sat July 12

    I'm cast free and heading up Sat morning July 12, anyone going to be up there to run some blue/black's. Juice
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    I'm looking for info on converting my power windows to manual. Has anyone done this? I have door panels that are for a manual window XJ. I'm looking at the fact that none of them can go down all the way anymore, all 4 are very slow to work plus the added weight of them. Any help thanks, Juice
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    RC July 5th

    Anyone down for RC on July 5th? I should get my cast off on July 1st at least that is what I was told today provided my x-rays look good again. I missed Nac Fest for the 2nd year in a row but need to get out and wheel after not being up for the last 3 months. email me:
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    CRAGAR Series 397 Soft 8 Black Wheel

    CRAGAR Series 397 Soft 8 Black Wheel with 5 on 4.5" Bolt Pattern I have 4 of them for sale. There is some slight rock rash but nothing that would cause any leaks. $35.00 new each, $85 takes all 4 of them. I can take pics. There mounted up right now but I'm going to remove them this coming...
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    Pinion Angle Tnt Customs 6"

    Hey I have a quick question. What are you guys running for a pinion angle for those running TnT customs Y-link. I have 6" of lift and the arms are adjustable, so if you guys have a number so I can ball park. I wrote it down before I took off my other arms but lost it. Thanks, Juice
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    242 Noise/Conversion-231?

    my 242 was rebuilt before NAC fest this year, Whiley Enterprises did it. Over the weekend I was doing a once over and noticed my tcase/tcase skid was leaking fluid all over the place. Today I got on the highway and what a sound coming from under the center console, a long grinding whooshing...
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    Gear Fluid blowing out of D44 Vent

    I have gear fluid blowing out of the vent tube on my D44, I had Whiley Enterprises install an ARB right before Nac Fest and I had gear oil all over the place when I got up there from driving on 81. I got home and changed fluid, filled to drain plug an it hasn't done it until this morning driving...
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    Voltage Drop

    Somthing is dropping my voltage, my gauge dropped down to about the red tonight and almost stalled. Will not stay at 14 on the gauge. Is this the battery, alt, or is something else drawing power? I haven't checked the battery yet, but have made sure that battery cables are tight, (at the...
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    ARB Tire Kit and Lock Rite D44 30 Spline

    ARB Tire Inflation Kit Item number: 8060272346 Dana 44 Lock Rite 30spline Item number: 8060273065 Both items are on ebay, if the offer is right I would end the auction early for NAXJA members. Locker has on 400miles on it, I couldn't get used to the noise never off road and I got an...
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    Volt Gauge going way low, Help

    My volt gauge will start at 14 in the morning and by the end of the street it's at 12, driving last night in traffic, the gauge was reading about 10-11. When I stopped to get gas and turned the jeep off, the radio power was cut off and the CD ejected out. My question is the alt bad and not...
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    XJ Gear

    Any idea when it's going to be up and running, just ran accross the website. Juice