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  1. Djmack

    Fender Marker lights for us fender flare guys.

    So, I recently moved to Germany and brought my jeep with me. I've noticed that everyone here has fender/flare marker turn signals. including the euro xj's. Being someone who can't own a bone stock vehicle for long, I decided to go above and beyond with some ideas for lights. I've Photoshopped my...
  2. Djmack

    I Need A Knuckle! Passenger D30

    Unless someone can assist me in repairing mine. As most of yall know, I'm preparing for Germany and have decided to bring the XJ with me. I've been buying more parts than i can afford right now just to make it as reliable as possible. I was reaming my knuckles for my JCR 1 ton OTK steering and...
  3. Djmack

    Napier Fender Flares, Will they fit?

    Unfortunately, the "Cut'n'Fold" Method isn't reserved specifically for the late model cherokees. I need to buy some fender flares for my jeep so it's legal to drive in germany. I contacted NAPIER and asked about their late model cut'n'fold fender flares fitting the early model cherokee. I got a...
  4. Djmack

    Got Orders: Going to Germany!

    So, i recently received some new orders to germany, I'll be there for a few years. I was really considering bringing my jeep out there, (Military vehicle shipping is free) Because my truck is to big and consumes to much fuel. Now, People have convinced me that my jeep will consume to much fuel...
  5. Djmack

    Where do you dump your custom EXHAUST?

    Hey yall. I have had a "performance" stock replacement exhaust manifold for a while. But it's way past due for me to replace all my exhaust. I'm currently running a single chamber muffler along with a slightly oversized cat. My plans include removing all the exhaust and having my local...
  6. Djmack

    RENIX = Trash

    Sorry if I offended anyone. Anyway, I'm currently deployed right now. I dont know if any of you remember me saying at SierraFest last year that i have a 1990 White XJ. Well, it's sitting right now waiting for me to get back and do something with it. The problem: Currently i have swapped...
  7. Djmack

    Just bought steel braided brake lines...

    As the title mentioned, I just purchased some new brake lines, the ones i have on now are the original and i want to replace them for a number of reasons. Anyway, my brakes have been pretty soft since i changed my rotors, calipers, pads, shoes, drums, wheel cylinders since high school. I'd...
  8. Djmack

    90 Start/Stall/noStart (already searched)

    Ok, to start off with this, i did a little research on this topic, and yes i used the search function and found a little. But, im not satisfied. My 1990 XJ Will randomly start with little issue. Run at idle fine, Rev up fine and really purr's. But when i go to put it in drive, and give it gas...
  9. Djmack

    Creative XJ Bumper Stickers

    Lets get this thread rolling on some Creative XJ bumper sticker idea's and already existing designs. I plan on photoshopping a couple and getting opinions. But one of them would have the phrase "Not a GRAND Cherokee. Or Downsized Cherokee."
  10. Djmack

    Build materials

    This weekend has gotten me all motivated to build stuff. Right now im pricing out some steel. I need to make a front and rear bumper for my jeep, and if i feel confident enough, ill make some for my truck.. So my question is. Where do you get your steel? and if you were making a bumper, what...
  11. Djmack

    SF2012 Pictures

    I'll start this thread off with a panorama I just threw together in photoshop. EDIT: I already spotted my F* ups on the image.. oh well. ill fix it later.
  12. Djmack

    So i have this extra XJ... help

    So, i have this extra 1990 XJ 4x4 Laredo.. my current jeep is a 1995. so most of the stuff under the hood is no good to me. i have gutted and cleaned the interior and put it all back in, and bed lined the back area. I didnt know what to do with it at first, I wouldnt mind selling it, for the...
  13. Djmack

    1990 XJ - Best offer

    I have for sale, a 1990 XJ 4x4 4.0 I6. 228,xxx MILES This jeep has your most common setup, Vacuum Disco D30 and D35 rear. AW4 Trans and Renix 4.0L The Good: -Interior: I Tore apart the entire interior, Sanded off the surface rust around the body plugs and painted it. Vacuumed everything up and...
  14. Djmack

    XJ BUILD THREAD (Potential)

    Ok, for starters, this could be a short lived thread depending on how the next 2 weeks go. I have been offered a free XJ. This is an earlier model with the vacuum disc. front axle. I'm not entirely sure of the year. But, It's a 4 door 4x4 AW4 auto 30/35 combo, Completely stock. Since I already...
  15. Djmack

    Transferring from the red river chapter in july

    Im getting stationed in Travis AFB in Fairfield, CA this will be my 2nd time out to California... i expect there to be more wheeling out there than in Texas. Looking forward to people showing me the way around the area when the time comes.
  16. Djmack

    Replacing the Steering

    Im about to replace my steering before the end of the month.. ive been looking into over the knuckle, looked at rustys, and jcroffroad.. and figured jcr would be my better bet.. but the more and more i try to research it, the more scattered i find my self.. im seeing so many different problems...
  17. Djmack

    Electrical - Delayed Accessories shut off

    Hey NAXJA, I got a new stereo and in the process of installing it, i rewired a bunch of stuff, including my CB, Spot lights, and Relayed my HVAC Switch. Prior to doing this, i had my CB radio running into my fuse block in the ign, acc. slot. and when i turned my key off, my CB drained enough...
  18. Djmack

    New Gauges - non cluster swap

    Im about to get a stroker installed into my jeep, and i understand how important it is to have manual gauges.. I have all the fully working electronic needle gauges, but i was looking at a diagram of my cluster and was wondering if any one has swapped out all their electric gauges with manual...
  19. Djmack

    engine transmission mounts

    Hey NAXJA, I was out at Bridgeport this weekend testing out my new JCRoffroad T-case skid plate, when something broke... lol my transmission mount is shot, i called oreilly auto parts and got quoted $31 for a new transmission mount.... but i got to thinking, how much longer until i have to...
  20. Djmack

    not ready for SYE yet

    Hey NAXJA, ive been reading SYE threads for the past few days and decided that Im not ready for an SYE yet, for the reason that i dont have enough funds to skids and and sye... and for the fact that i dont know how much its going to cost to get a drive shaft made... Which leads me to my next...