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    South Florida (humps rescue) Start @3:28 Yellow bird (pollito), needed to get rescued. Lost front right wheel, then radiator. Tough day for those guys. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Axle shift forward after new spring/shackle relocation

    Wondering if anyone has run into this. I recently installed new OME CS033RA springs and ironman4x4fab adjustable shackle relocation kit. After install, the axle shifted forward. I called ARB support, emailed photos, they believe the shackle relocation is the culprit. I'm going to remove...
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    Looking for LA.

    I'm also looking for long arms. Been running adj. short arms for many years. Current setup, recently installed. Front spring - RC 4.5" Rear spring - OME 3.5" Adj. shackle/relocation - ironman4x4fab Shocks - OME (L) Tires - 33" Main use, DD, Florida forest trails with lots of mud. Would like...
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    Tie rod ES2010L - castle nut question.

    I've searched the web along with just about all forums. Not able to find the answer.. I purchased a 1 ton UTK kit from a well known vendor. I've sent them an email, waiting for reply. Tie rod part number ES2010L castle nut has the wrong pitch. I emailed Moog to confirm, they say it's 5/8 -...
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    Moab wheels question

    Wanted to get your thoughts. Been searching for a while and found a set of 5 moab 16's with Uniroyal 245/75r16. Asking price is $500. Once I wear them out, I would like to go with a tire that's close to 33". Prices on 16" tire higher. If I go with 285/75r16, will I rub? I've got a 4.5" lift...
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    Black fluffy/foam like material, coming out of A/C vent...

    I've noticed lately this black fluffy stuff coming out in piece through the a/c vent. Not sure if anyone could tell me what that might be. Thanks...
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    3.25" backspace...too little??

    Was able to find a set of rims for FREE.... They are 15x8 with 3.25" backspace. Will these stick out too far? Not sure how the bearing will feel. Or what other problems they will cause. Anyone else running the same backspace without problems?? Planning on running 33x12.50's. Thanks..
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    How to remove u-joint cap?

    Trying to remove u-joint and have this problem. Hope someone could help out. I'm stuck here. How do you guys remove this cap? It's on very tight... Here's how the other side looks.
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    15x8 with 4.5" backspace...rubbing??

    Checked out a used set wheels and they have 4.5" backspace. Will they rub a lot? Gonna run 33x12.50... Will have a 4.5-5" lift and willing to trim if needed.. Thanks..
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    Front coil springs question - budget lift

    Hey, Hope to get some feedback on this. Been looking around for a used set of front coil springs and had a couple of questions.... Going after a 4.5" ot 5" lift. Will these work the same? A set of ZJ 3.5", these should give about 4.5" on the XJ, correct? Or A set of XJ 3" and I...
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    Which battery Napa Legend 75 or Everstart Maxx 24??

    Which would you go for? I have a dead battery and wanted to get your input... Thanks.. Any suggestion other than these??
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    Looking for feedback on Rusty's adjustable LCA w/ forged flex ends

    Was looking for some feedback from others that may have this control arm. Planning on getting them myself but wanted to get your input. Was able to locate a used set for a decent price. I only plan on wheeling about once a month, maybe once every 2 month. I'm in south florida and have...
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    Want 4"-4.5" lift, check parts list..need feedback

    t currently has a 3" budget boost. Would like to get 4"-4.5" to fit 33's. I'm on a tight budget, so hope to find most of the parts used.... Here's what the plan.... -4" front spring -stock upper control arms -16.5" lower control arms -adjustable track bar -sway bar disconnect -extended...
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    CB to Antenna coax type and length...need advise.

    Well, picked up a Uniden on ebay, waiting for delivery. Found a Firestik Firefly for $13.99 plus $5.25 for shipping, cheapest I've been able to find. Now for my question. For you guys who own XJ's, what length coax have you used? I'm planning on installing it on the rear someplace. Maybe...
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    Rough Country adjustable track bar, you thoughs...

    Hey, It's been about a month or so since the 3" budget boost lift has been installed but I haven't driven it much lately. Still have to get an alignment but wanted to get you thoughts. Was thinking about getting an adjustable track bar...
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    Hella 500 @ Amazon for 29.99

    Found this deal on amazon. I think it's pretty good.. What do you guys think?"][/URL]
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    How about this tranny cooler??

    I've had this cooler for some time and was thinking on installing it. It's a 99 xj with about 140k miles. The cooler is a Tru-Cool 4950, on this link, it'll be the last one. You thoughts. I don't tow a trailer...
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    Vibration after BB, TC drop or shim or both??

    Not sure what the stock height is, mine were beginning to sag. Ended up getting 20" from center. Could you tell me what the stock height is with good stock springs? I'll like to know how much I ended up getting. After test driving it, I have some vibrations. Not sure if a transfer case drop...
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    bastard pack w/ inverted factory springs??

    Has anyone built a bastard pack w/ inverted stock springs? I'm planning a building one but the springs currently on the jeep are inverted. Would I be wasting my time building one? Not sure what the drawback would be if I build it. I've read post indicated that it's not recommend but I'm not...
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    Driveshaft boot torn...

    Was doing a visual inspection underneath and noticed the driveshaft boot had torn off, the splines are exposed. A while back I had lubed up the splines and when I put everything back together, I used a tiewrap on the driveshaft part of the boot. Maybe I wasn't suppose to.. Ooops Where could...