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    Recommend a Wrangler Forum?

    This weekend, my pickup had a fire in the engine bay. If my insurance company totals my truck, I would like to get a used Wrangler. I'm interested in a 2016-2018. Since I'm only familiar with this website and that of, would any one be able to recommend a forum specific to...
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    Bay State Off Road

    Anyone know what happened to Bob and his shop in Middleboro MA?
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    Bilsteins 5100

    Can anyone who has them on the front tell me if the bar pins in the eyelets are in via a molded/vulcanized rubber, or do they come uninstalled with poly-type bushings? I can't find any really good pictures and I'm trying to decide if I want to buy them. I've been using bar pin eliminators...
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    Interco TSL 34x9.50-15

    Took these off while I'm restoring, and will be going to LT235/80R17s. (4) factory aluminum 15x7 Jeep wheels with 13/32 of tread, and (1) 15x6.5 steel Jeep wheel with 27/32 of tread. All 5 on 4.5. See my Craigslist for images until I get them on Photobucket...
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    1987 AMC Cherokee

    I have decided to sell my Cherokee. It's an '87 AMC, 4.0L 5-speed. It has roughly 244,000 miles. I originally purchased it in CA, and it's been here since about 1999. It includes the following: 4.56 geared Dana 30 w/ locker, axle rebuilt by Bay State Offroad in Middleboro. 4.56...
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    Crown Dealer in S.E. MA?

    Anyone know of a Crown dealer near the Cape? I thought I met someone on here once that I bought some Crown steering parts from, but I can't remember.
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    Replacement hard brake line- what is a good flare tool?

    I have to replace the hard brake line running from the PV to the rear axle on my '87. I've never madeup flare-type fittings before. So, I'd rather buy a good quality flare tool. Your opinions on a good one would be appreciated. And, if anyone has done this, you opinions/experience would also...
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    Looking for a reasonable accommodation in Bethel, ME

    Anyone live in or near Bethel, ME? I'm looking for a reasonable accommodation with room to park a 3/4 ton pickup and a equipment trailer. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Wheel backspacing/offset for new +2" wheels?

    I somewhat understand the differences between backspacing, and offset. Well, sort of... in theory. But, when it comes to actual application, I'm confused and lost. For so many years, I've run my XJ on narrow tires, on factory rims. I've decided to change to a different wheel and tire size...
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    TSL 34x9.50R15

    If anyone is interested, I might be selling these. I have five, still on factory wheels. I can't register the Jeep anymore with its lift and tire size. So, I'm considering a smaller tire, without going too wide. Edit: The post title is the right size, but they aren't radials If you know...
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    Stainless Steel Catalytic Converter

    Has anyone installed a MagnaFlow stainless converter? What did you think? How long has it lasted (for those in the salty areas)? I've got to replace the entire exhaust system, and I might as well start from there. I already have a Borla header I installed about 10 years ago, and it's held...
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    Replacement windows... not window replacements

    Anyone know of a company or website where replacement windows can be purchased? My vent window in my '87 needs replacing, and there isn't much around here (that isn't rotted). Seems when I search the web, I come up with companies that do windshield replacements. Or... anyone know where I can...
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    Mopar Performance Renix ECU

    Found one and purchased it. If you've owned an '87-'90 for a while, then you know what it is. If you have any information, even the slightest bit, please post it here. It did not come with paperwork. I didn't need it, but I wanted it since they're so hard to come by.
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    '87-'90 Renix 4.0; What plugs are you using?

    For those of you who own a 1987-90 4.0L, what spark plug are you using? If I recall, the original specified by AMC (Chyrsler for you '88-90 folks) is a Champion RC9YC. If you're using something else, please explain why you chose it. Do you run a hotter or cooler plug? How many miles are you...
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    Victory V92 Dynojet Power Commander

    I have a Dynojet 901-410/901-411/904-411 Power Commander USB module that came out of my '99 V92C. The bike belonged to a fellow electrician and friend that died. I removed it from the bike because I wanted it stock. If anyone is interested, or knows someone who is, send me a PM. This is for...
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    MA inspection sticker

    I have an '87 I've kept running well. It has a 6-7 in. lift, 34" SS TSLs, and other frills that don't really matter at this point. I've had it for a long time, and while I haven't had time to use it in the last few years, I still like to take it out on the road from time to time. This year...
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    Front bearing hub life

    How many miles are on your front hub bearing assemblies, and what brand if not origanals? Just curious. I've got over 250K miles on '87 originals.
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    4.56, 34 TSLs, and speedo gear calculation.

    Does anyone have this gear/tire size combination? If so, what speedo gear do you have, and is it working for you? From what I can find, both here and on other Jeep-related sites, my ring/pinion and tire size seems to necessitate a 38-tooth speedometer gear. I found a calculation on a site...
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    WTB: Rear tow hook and bracket

    Pretty much what the title reads, going with a simple hook rather than another hitch, if I can find one.
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    Stainless vs. aluminized?

    I know what stainless is, and the differences between the various grades. What is aluminized steel, and how does it compare with respect to exhaust systems? I need a new exhaust system, again, and it's time to get something that will last longer. On the other hand, is $450 and up worth the...