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    Gas pedal not releasing?

    94 4.0, aw4 So took off my throttle body spacer for smog since I can't find my carb sticker. Upon starting it was stuck in high idle. Shut it off and realized the pedal was not depressing, as if it was stuck floored. Suggestions?
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    Markleeville hot springs

    Any one been up there?
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    35" km1s

    As of now I have 5 35x12.5r15 km1 tires up for sale. Weather cracking but all held air as of a week ago when I pulled them for new tires. Thinking 40 a piece. Between 45-85^% tread left. Be good for trail spares.
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    Coastal camping

    Anyone know of any spots where you can camp on a beach? A friend and I are interested in camping on a beach sometime soon. If not, think I'll go to halfmoon bay, it's close and the beach is literally a stones throw away. But she wants to camp ON the beach.
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    Tire opinion

    I've been reading up on new tires. Read posts here, various other forums and even the FB page. Currently torn between duratracs and falken wildpeaks in the 33/12.5 variety. Any firsthand experience with these in the sierras? Probably just going to pick up 4 new this week as my 35s are needing to...
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    Cold start fine, warm startup rough idle

    94 4.0, aw4, about 97k miles. About 2 weeks ago I was loading boxes from my storage and moving them to my place across town. No problems all day. I go to startup the jeep to drive back across town and I get really rough idle and feels like it's going to die. Plans are check fuel pressure...
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    Rotor grinding knuckle

    94 4.0 hp30 Made a mistake and bent an axle shaft ear while changing ujoints last week. Got a set of replacement axle shafts off another member here with unit bearings attached . Using the info in this post I now have a unit...
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    Modesto area: anyone got one?

    So trying to replace rusty ujoints today and bent the ear of my driver side shaft. Anyone in the modesto area or about an hour away have one for sale? Went looking for my spare and I haven't been able to locate it.
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    Sierra fest Saturday

    Where is a good place to meet you guys either Saturday morning or possibly Friday night?
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    ARB solenoid alternatives

    I'm considering running a CO2 canister for paintball guns instead of a compressor to activate my d44 arb. A friend has a few extra canisters I could refill easily. My question is had anyone here done this? I know I can find a manual switch from Mac valves, just need to find one with the correct...
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    Stuff for sale

    I'll be selling some spare stuff over the next week. So far: Set of axles geared 3.55 Hp30/8.25 complete though will need new brakes most likely. Prefer to sell as a set $300 RE trackbar bracket new, never used. $30 AA sye kit, new. Just opened to verify product since they shipped the...
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    Looking for new one

    So with mine being a total loss, I'm in the market for a new rig. Prefer stock 95+ 2 door but am open to others with less than 175k miles. Have about 4k to spend, maybe a bit more if its worth it.
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    Power seat power source

    So got a set of power seats to replace my stolen manual ones. Question is before I run power to them, is this the correct power source? Or if not can I tap into it for power? Couldn't find info on what this goes to on google or here.
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    Steering Column

    So finally located and had shipped a steering column to replace mine on a 92 ax15. Problem is the shaft that comes thru the firewall is too short by about an inch. My rig was stolen on Jan 1st and they broke the column open to start it. Is there a way to take the parts off the new one (no tilt)...
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    Steering Columns

    My jeep was stolen last week, and they broke my steering column open. I have a 92 4.0 with ax-15. What I'm curious about is the interchange of steering columns. How would I rig up an auto tranny column if I can't find another one from a manual? Or what other vehicles does the 92 cherokee...
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    Anti theft devices

    So my rig was stolen and stripped on the first. What are some good ways to protect the steering column? I'm already going to install a kill switch and hood lock of some sort. Looking for opinions and options past that. Maybe a steering collar that locks in place?
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    Front end damage

    So I was involved in a accident last month and it did some damage to the unibody. On the passenger side, the outer part where the bumper mounts folded in, but the inner portion is straight as far as I can tell. Should I get it pulled straight and weld some stiffeners? Or take the payout if the...
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    Stolen Jeep Modesto

    So my rig was stolen outside work today. Picture coming soon. White, 4.5 in RE short arm, eagle alloy wheels. So pissed right now.
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    Camping near Dublin/Pleasonton

    Any body have a good recommendation in that area? I'm picking up a friend from the Bart and was curious if there are any cool spots nearby? Otherwise I'll head back to coulterville to place I know.
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Hope everyone has a great day today and gets nicely stuffed!