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    Unit bearings

    Ok so I have been told there is a certain brand of unit bearing not to buy are the ones from Oreilly's good?
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    Axle side UCA bushing replacement

    Ok so I have been searching and have not found the answer I am looking for so here it goes.......What is the easiest way to remove the old UCA bushings I have been told they are a pain............:eyes:
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    Thanx Adrenalinpirate

    I just want to say a Big thank you to AdrenalinPirate for hookin me up with the upper control arms I was in need of great guy to deal with................:cheers::cheers:
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    upper control arm ?

    Are the stock XJ upper control arms the same as the Grand Cherokee?
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    T-Case ?

    Before I get flamed LOL I did use the search button and did not find my answer so here we go. My XJ started life with a np242 with a 35 I did a swap to an 8.25 well my DS was a hair to long. I picked a shaft up from Beezle on the board for an 8.25 installed new U-joints and my slip yoke on to it...
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    Going doorless

    So I did the searching and still cant find a how-to for doing this mod can someone help me out here.........
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    Found my leak......

    Does this look out of the ordinary.......................:gee: So I get the front of the Jeep pulled off to change the front crank seal and timing cover gasket and this is what I found....................
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    Has anyone seen these before?????

    I was on youtube last night and came across this site has anyone seen these before?
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    Fan relay ?

    Can someone tell me where the fan relay on my 91 XJ is. It didnt have a aux fan in it so I got one from the junk yard and put it in. I made sure the fan worked before i put it in but nothing . So I replaced the coolant temp sensor in the t-stat housing still nothing. Since it didnt have a fan...
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    MHJC Hobo Run

    Well I know its alittle late but here we go....I went on a run with Patrol 1 of the MHJC known as the Hobo's on July 14. It was a nice little jaunt over kingston peak nothing to crazy just a fun poker run. I ended up with the best poker hand and third in points to take a third place trophy. The...
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    E brake broke...........

    The button on my e-brake handle broke and now it will not lock how do I fix this? Do i have to remove the whole handle or can I just fix this on?
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    Anyone lookin for a ford 8.8?

    western auto at 61st and federal has a 99 explorer with what looks like a good 8.8 in it and they told me they wanted $200 for it........
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    Fuel pump installation???????

    I did a search and did not come up with anything all i need to know is is it hard to change the fuel i have to drop the tank?
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    Maiden voyage of the XJ

    Well I took the Xj on its first outing saturday nothing big easy little trail ride . Me and my father took a trip up to Argentine Pass , me in my XJ and my dad in his TJ. We got about 2/3 the way up the trail and hit 5-6 foot snow drifts . So we turned around and headed back down to try and...
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    Just another gauge cluster swap ?

    I have a 91 and I am swapping in a 96 cluster do I use 96 or 91 sensor's...............
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    Starting problem on my 91XJ

    I was just wondering if someone had an idea what to look for in this problem. When i start my XJ no matter if it is warmed up or not it takes about 10-12 sec to start and then it is rough for a second or two . It runs like a top once it is running, could this be a fuel filter problem ? I just...