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  1. kastein

    NY/Adirondacks Gambler 500

    I did this with my beater '91 MJ back in May and it was a blast. Going to try and make the Fall run too - it's not really wheeling so much as a TDR (time/distance rally) with extremely lax rules and a few fun class 6s. Anyone else considering it? It's cheap to enter and 95% of the roads can...
  2. kastein

    '99 AW4 4x4 w/ brand new zero mile reman torque converter

    I bought this from Skreed in January 2010 for my old white 96, only to discover that it wasn't bolt-in on a 96. It will bolt directly into any 98-01 4.0L 4x4 auto trans XJ. Here is Skreed's thread I got it from: It has a brand new reman...
  3. kastein

    Everything you ever wanted to know about the AX15 (and some about the AX5)

    So. Since the "Everything you ever wanted to know about the AW4" thread went pretty well, here goes the next installment, everything you ever wanted to know about the AX15 (and all the things you didn't want to know about the AX5!) There are many AX15s out there, in a variety of years. I know...
  4. kastein

    Removed my cat today... yes, I know removal of cats from modern vehicles is a violation of the clean air act. :nono:
  5. kastein

    MJ Sheetmetal donor for an enclosed cab XJ->truggy conversion project

    I've got what's left of a very rusty MJ here. Basically just the B pillars/cab back and roof, the vehicle was cut at the frame rails right behind the cab and across the A pillars and windshield. No VIN, of course, since there are no VIN tags on it. Comes with a slider rear window. What's...
  6. kastein

    THe kastein Lots-O-Junkyard Thread

    I keep seeing rare/useful/weird stuff at the junkyard that I COULD pull, but I just don't have the motivation to... since it won't sell for ridiculous amounts of money on ebay/facebook and I don't really try to profit on stuff I sell on here. So I figured I'd start a thread to post stuff we...
  7. kastein

    Free to bad home: '98 4x4 AW4, ~250k miles

    Fits 98-01 Comes with torque converter and whatever other crap happens to be stuck to it. The NSS connector is cut off, the solenoid/sensor harness is unmolested. It has a buttplug made out of PVC pipe fittings jammed in the output housing so it won't leak ATF everywhere (as much) or get...
  8. kastein

    WTB decent 91-99 4.0

    Just what the title says. Good oil pressure, no problems or overheating in the past preferably, don't really care if it leaks oil as long as the crank isn't scored badly enough that it pours everywhere (sorry Stefan :laugh:.) Mileage is not very important, but under 200k would be nice. Cheap...
  9. kastein

    NP231 SYE question

    Can't find this info anywhere. What's the thread spec for the little plug in an SYE kit that screws into the tailhousing and covers the end of the mode shift rail? I don't believe it's a pipe thread, but not sure if it's SAE or metric and more importantly what specific thread pitch and...
  10. kastein

    Anyone got a shop press near Grantham NH?

    So long story short, toyota forums lied to me and doing the rear wheel bearings on a 97 AWD rav4 is anything but trivial unless you have a shop press. I don't have a shop press. Anyone got one that I can borrow 5 minutes of time on? I'm in Grantham NH until I get this damn thing done... can...
  11. kastein

    Wanted: AX4/5 4x4 output/main shaft

    must be 4x4, don't care if it's an ax4 or ax5, must be 21 spline (all ax4/5s are afaik) I'm not looking to spend more than scrap price or a sixpack or something for the shaft because it's for a retarded project (practicing rebuilding a doomed ax5 so I won't screw up a friend's R151/AX15 when I...
  12. kastein

    All the things THEY don't want you to find out about.

    Discuss :lecture::wow::eek::attom:
  13. kastein

    FREE: non tinted 4dr rear quarter glass in Southbridge (two sets)

    One set has the gaskets that go around the edge, and a MassKrawlers sticker on one window. The other is bare. Both non tinted glass. Someone get these out of here, I don't need em, don't remember where they came from, don't think I paid anything for them, and just want them to go to a good or...
  14. kastein

    Wanted: your broken NP231

    Must be complete, don't care if it's 21 or 23 spline, don't care if it's 95 down or 96 up style rear output, don't care if the chain is stretched or the gears are trashed or the case is cracked or anything else... The shift forks and cam need to be in good shape, though. let me know what you...
  15. kastein

    WTB: V8 ZJ front driveshaft

    90XJay is looking for one - we just got done installing an SYE and the one we pulled at the yard yesterday was the wrong length somehow. Need the one that's 32.87-32.875" length, it would come out of a V8 ZJ from 93-95.5 or so with an auto (duh) and an NP231 or NP249 transfer case. Part number...
  16. kastein

    WTS: E350 rear D60-1SU w/ disc brakes, Southbridge MA

    Picked this up today, can't decide if I should plan on putting it in my stupid jeep or sell it. Dana 60-1SU rear axle from a 2000 E350. Comes stock with disc brakes. In fact the disc brakes are on it, complete, and aside from replacing some hoses and hard lines, should be serviceable, I'll...
  17. kastein

    WTB: HP d30 w/ 760 shafts, 3.55s (central mass)

    Just what it says... 3.55s required, high pinion required, doesn't have to come with brakes or steering, must include axleshafts (large joint style) and bearings, cover not required. I'd prefer one with LCA mounts and coil perches in decent shape (i.e. not rotted to oblivion.) Trying to avoid...
  18. kastein

    FS: NV4500 transmission (4x4 gasser donor)

    For sale: NV4500 5 speed manual transmission, 4x4, w/ shift tower and mount, out of a 1996 dodge 2500 5.9/360 ram. VIN is 1b7kf23z6tj134992 for parts/maintenance record lookup. Truck was slid sideways into a tree and rolled, shifts good. $600 OBRO, some trades will be considered but mostly...
  19. kastein

    random jeep stuff

    Listing it as I find it. used Ford 8.8 1330 ujoint flange. $10 brand new, never-welded XJ rear bumper mount plates for building a custom bumper. laser/plasma cnc cut from 3/16 plate. $20 pair, bought em when I still planned on building a new XJ...
  20. kastein

    pair of 31x10.5R16.5LT BFG ATs on 8 lugs

    Just what it says, I have a pair of these. They came on an axle I bought and I want them out of the yard. Decent tread, not sure what depth but can check, on usable mid 90s Ford oem 8 lug steelies. $50 takes both, or trade for random stuff you happen to have. First come first serve.