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  1. crazyjim

    2008 Yamaha YFZ 450 CLEAN!!! Low hours

    Selling our YFZ450. It's a 2008, which you may or may not know is a wildly different and upgraded bike from the factory vs. the earlier bikes. The bike has been well taken care of with extremely low hours. We just got away from riding shortly after buying the bike. The bike has roughly...
  2. crazyjim

    NON XJ: Center mounted a-arm rain gutter ranger.

    Hey fellas, I don't get around here much, but I'm hoping to again in the future (another XJ is in the works) but it's time to part with this 'ol girl. Life is taking me in a new direction and I just don't have the time and energy to take her out anymore. As tough as it is, it has to be. So...
  3. crazyjim

    17" Method Wheels 5x4.5 with tires (set of 4)

    Sup NAXJA, hope Jeeps have been treating you well! Figured since these will work on XJ bolt patterns, some guys from here may be interested. The wheels have maybe a total of 2000 miles on them, and are in perfect shape. They're black 17" method standards with 35" BFG A/T's on them, but the...
  4. crazyjim

    Scepter MWC's (Military Water Cans) and MFC's (Military Fuel Cans)

    I've got a small batch of these I'm going to be selling. Only have my hands on 4 water cans at the moment, fuel cans and more water cans coming. $60 each for the water cans. $75 each for the fuel cans. Those of you who've shopped for these know this is a great deal, get on 'em while...
  5. crazyjim

    Lincoln PowerMig 200

    So it's been over a year since I moved, and I still haven't wired my shop for 220, and need the money more than I need the welder at the moment. This thing works great, comes with a spool of wire, and an 80cf tank. Looking for $1000 for the whole shebang.
  6. crazyjim

    35x12.50-15 BFG A/T on 5x5.5 Aluminum Wheels

    These things have roughly 80% tread, selling with the wheels. I'd rock them still but I need 17's. Looking for $800 obo for the set of four with wheels.
  7. crazyjim

    14" Sway-A-Way Threaded Body shocks

    These were going on the F1, no need for them now. They need new shafts, and could use some cleaning up, but otherwise in sound shape. $400 for the pair OBO.
  8. crazyjim

    NON XJ: Bio Diesel / Black Diesel setup Feel free to make offers, this is everything you need to collect, filter, and refine waste oil be it vegetable oil or motor oil. It's taking up space in my shop!
  9. crazyjim

    NON XJ: GMC Sierra Looking for best offer on this, looking to move it relatively quickly, don't be afraid to shoot me offers or ask any questions! :)
  10. crazyjim

    New: Bilstein 17" 9100 2.65 (60mm) Double Bypass w/ Blackhawk tubes/adjusters

    These are brand new never run. Bilstein "Big 60's" Custom one off shocks from Joel when he was still working in the shock department of Bilstein. 17" Travel Double bypass (one compression, one rebound) These are valved FOR A CHEROKEE!!! They've got an extra large "bump zone" similar to Link...
  11. crazyjim

    (6) AR-23 15x8 wheels

    Posting for a buddy over on DezertRangers. Good deal on 6 wheels, they're in damn good shape.
  12. crazyjim

    Rubicon Express Track Bar Brace (RE1670)

    Don't need this thing anymore, looks like this: $40!
  13. crazyjim

    12" Kicker Solo Baric L7 1500W!

    Looking for $175 OBO on this bad boy!
  14. crazyjim

    New shoes!!!

    This should help out when picking up the heavy shizz! For those that don't know, they're Vision Type 81 wheels with Goodyear load range G commercial tires.
  15. crazyjim

    Greetings from Ocotillo!

    Love Crazyjim & Kayle. :piratefla
  16. crazyjim

    Bilstein 7100 10" shocks

    Up for grabs are 2 10" Bilstein 7100 2.0 remote resi shocks. They're in good shape, uniball on the bottom bushing up top, both in excellent shape. These are the older 7100 bodies with the better / larger resi hose. They're also not the newer powdercoated ones that heat up super fast...
  17. crazyjim

    (4) Soltek LaPaz 100W offroad lights

    Parting with my Soltek's I have two Euro beams and two Pencil beams. All in good shape. $400 firm for the four of them. $220 a pair if split up. These retail for roughly $160, please don't try to lowball me...
  18. crazyjim

    Verizon & Sprint iPhones

    Black Verizon iPhone 4 16gb - $175 Black Verizon iPhone 4 16gb - $175 Black Sprint iPhone 4s 16gb - $250
  19. crazyjim

    Good gunsmith in Inland Empire?

    Anybody know of any decent gunsmiths in the IE? Further south would be better for me (Temecula, Murrieta, Etc) even up into Riverside area would be fine. Need some work done. Thanks!
  20. crazyjim

    Who sells Procomp ?

    Looking for a NAXJA vendor that sells pro comp stuff... I need a price on a 6" lift for my super duty. Feel free to respond or PM me.