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  1. BrettM

    why does my motor cool off so quick?

    My motor seems to be a bit slow getting up to operating temp (new 195* t-stat), but what's worse is that I can get it up to 210, go in a store for 30 minutes, and when I come back out the temp is hardly even registering anymore, then I freeze until it warms back up again... very annoying in the...
  2. BrettM

    Anything good about the 2wd hubs/knuckles?

    Now that I own a 2wd MJ, I've been looking at the front hubs and knuckles, but I haven't taken them apart or seen any diagrams in manuals... they are definitely different than the 4wd ones, any benefits? Any reason to keep them? I think I may just switch them to 4wd outers since I'm more...
  3. BrettM

    Renix fuel pressure question

    I searched a little, and I'll go do some more... but first: I have a no-start issue with my '88 4.0, and I'm pretty sure it's a fuel issue. When I put the key in the ON position I can clearly hear the fuel pump click on for a few seconds. When I depress the schrader valve on the fuel rail to...
  4. BrettM

    stock Explorer RTI ramps 1900!

    okay, so it lifted a tire, and I don't think that's supposed to be an RTI ramp. my friend saw this today, pretty crazy
  5. BrettM

    real tech does still exist!

    check it out boys, homebuilt axle housing, with offset tubes for greater ground clearance... if I'm adding it up right, the diff only hangs 3" below the tire centerline: thoughts? too bad it would take a crazy seal to make a front...
  6. BrettM

    a switch to reset the Check Engine light?

    Is there some place where a switch could be tapped in on 97+ XJs that could reset the Check Engine light? Engine running would be nice, but not entirely necessary... Who's got a 97+ FSM?
  7. BrettM

    someone needs a 30mpg Daily Driver...

    95 Accord with only 94,000 miles, Sierra Chapter for sale: Add $100-150 (depending where) for SoCal delivery.
  8. BrettM

    someone needs a Daily Driver that gets 30mpg...

    I'm driving under 100 miles a week now, so the 20-22mpg of my 2wd MJ is sufficient and I don't feel like I need this anymore. I got it last summer from my grandma who became too old to drive; she lived in SoCal, had all maintenence and oil-changes done regularly, and hardly ever drove it. I've...
  9. BrettM

    I want one!

    mini desert trucks. 60mph. $6200. video:
  10. BrettM

    Uh oh... another MJ for me... lowered?

    Well I picked up my new DD yesterday, an 88 MJ, 2wd, 4.0, AW4, D35... It's got a few exterior cosmetic issues that will be easily addressed, but the drivetrain is solid and running great. This thread will document the modifications, though they will likely be more simple and subtle than what...
  11. BrettM

    Anyone thinking of adding some rock-lights soon? (giant LEDs cheap)

    I don't know where or how you would mount this, and you would have to run it off an invertor (120vac), but it would make for cool rock lights :confused1
  12. BrettM

    cracker box

    the first minute of this video is Avery in Little Sluice:
  13. BrettM

    AWshifting pushbutton and paddleshifters are finally here!

    Finally the shifter setup I've wanted for the last 2 years is ready. starting at $130 (please direct all questions by email not PM, ) Paddleshifting Joystick Pushbutton Rocker switch And easily adaptable to thousands of other buttons, switches...
  14. BrettM

    Save TDS/Truckhaven from being bought by the greenies

    I've never been to this place, but any loss of OHV land is a step in the wrong direction. It sounds like this is a small battle that could actually be won with a simple phone call and maybe showing up to a meeting. Info here:
  15. BrettM


    I am officially a home-brewer now :D :cheers: Some friends and I started a Chimay Red clone today, it should be ready to bottle in about 3 weeks. Actually we did 2 batches (10 gallons :D ), one with a trappist yeast and one with an abbey yeast. It's much easier than I anticipated, and...
  16. BrettM

    External hard-drives... ? good deals? internal drive in an enclosure?

    My 60gb drive is getting near full and I want to get an external, 100gb would probably be fine, but of course the more the merrier. I probably don't need anything too fancy or fast, but I'm not sure of what features to look for besides storage. I'm looking to spend under $100, BestBuy has an...
  17. BrettM

    in honor of Easter...

    in honor of Easter; a Terminator/Jesus spoof from MadTV "Stop! Stop killing Judas!" "Pontius Pilot at 10 o'clock!" boom!
  18. BrettM

    Happy Birthday CRASH!

    I'm in the eastern time zone right now, so I guess I get to be the first to say happy birthday! party1: :cheers::yelclap: :spin3: :clap: :party: :wow: :woohoo: :roll: :guitar: :rof: :greensmok :laugh: I think you're gaining on Richard :laugh3:
  19. BrettM

    Anyone looking for a HP 44?

    I know where one is, the good one; welded wedges and disc brakes. Complete (radius arms too) except missing the tie-rod and drag link. Should cost about $200 to pull. PM me if you want details.