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    Champion 438 plugs in a 96?

    So I just changed out the cap, rotor and plugs -- I used Champion 438 plugs -- had these plugs new in box What is the downside to using these 438 plugs in a 96 cherokee 4.0? Should I not worry about it or get the 412?
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    Intake manifold heat shield

    I have a 96 that has bad heat soak issues -- while doing some work I decided to add a heat shield for under the intake manifold -- Hopefully it helps some Here it is mounted on a spare intake manifold I used to design off of
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    Worth it to have injectors rebuilt?

    96 XJ 4.0 automatic 2 wheel drive — 136500 miles I just picked up this Jeep a few weeks ago straightening out some issues The previous owner had a 160* thermostat in it — the thing never warmed up — I swapped in the proper 195* I just pulled the intake and exhaust manifolds to change out a...
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    Radiator hose clamps?

    What hose clamps do you use? The stock constant pressure clamps or do you switch out for screw clamps? I personally switch out for screw clamps and have never had a problem but I see a lot of pictures where the constant pressure clamps are used -- I just don't feel like they are tight enough...
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    For Sale -- 4.3 liter V6 engine

    1992 4.3 Liter V6 engine with 180,000 miles -- Still installed in a GMC safari van -- Runs great -- come hear it run before we pull it Shame to see this go to the junkyard -- Asking $300
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    For Sale -- 95 Suburban / Solid axle swap

    Let see if there is any interest for this 95 GMC suburban -- 230,000 miles -- engine has 60,000 -- trans has 15,000 approx -- 35" General grabber AT2 -- late 70"s ford dana 44 front axle -- rear GM 14 bolt -- 4.1 gears Truck drives great -- lots of upgraded parts -- just kinda lost interest --...
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    2 wheel drive -- 96 4 door XJ -- 136.000 miles

    No longer for sale -- gonna keep this one for awhile I have a 96 2 wheel drive for sale -- I don't know much about it, kinda stumbled into it -- read the post in the NAC forum for details Putting this out there to see if anyone wants it before I put money into it -- Drives great, runs...
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    Saved one from the junk yard yesterday

    So I'm cruising my local Craigslist looking for some used tires and come across an add for a Cherokee -- 96, 2wheel drive, 136,000 miles -- pictures look OK -- Notice it's local to me -- I decide to send a text asking if I can come see it This is wednesday night, raining, temps dropping --...
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    Interior lights — how do you shut them off?

    2000 XJ I have to be missing something — how do you shut off the interior lights without closing the doors The rear light works to turn on and off the lights when the rear hatch is opened but no matter the position of that switch I cannot open a passenger door without having the lights come...
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    2000 with cali emissions -- Wiring harness rebuild

    There has been a few threads about this lately -- It's time for me to rebuild mine -- have some questions I'd like to replace all of my fuel injector connectors -- the previous owner had cut out all the red lockout tabs -- made the connectors very loose, easily removed -- they just don't feel...
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    Wyeth-Scott Amsteel Power Puller -- DEAL

    I'm putting this here because it's as much a shop tool as it is an extraction device -- A super heavy duty hand winch Available at Treestuff -- a great company/website to deal with There is a coupon code available for 15%...
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    2000 XJ AC compressor -- Can I fix it?

    So I have a 2000 XJ -- Been sitting idle for about 3 years before I bought it -- I've owned it for 2 years, been driving it for about 8 months I never really cared about the AC but decided to check it out recently -- Turns out that my AC system is fully charged and didn't leak out in all that...
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    WTB-- 2000 AC compressor / coil / clutch

    Turns out my AC coil doesn't generate enough magnetic field to pull in the AC clutch -- I would really like to just swap out the coil and clutch assembly without breaking into the refrigerant I have a Sanden U4784 compressor -- looking for coil,clutch assembly or entire compressor -- Located...
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    P0432 -- and stuck exhaust valve

    Ok got a problem -- 2000 cherokee -- 4.0 with cali emissions has the 2 pre cats Replacement motor -- 27000 miles on motor -- New walker pre cats -- new NTK o2sensors -- 600 miles on both pre cats and o2 sensors I keep getting code p0432 -- Clear it and it comes back Now I had a problem with...
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    Chassis saver sale -- buy 1 get 1 free

    Hope this isn't breaking any rules, its too good of a deal to not pass on -- I have nothing to gain by posting this, just trying to help Magnet paints is having a sale this week, till midnight sunday, on their rust preventative product Chassis Saver -- buy 1 get one free -- either quarts or...
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    Custom battery box

    So I had some rot repair under my OEM plastic battery tray -- I cut out the rot and welded in new -- decided it was time for a custom aluminum box This is the nasty that I cut out No pictures actually doing the repair but here it is finished and coated in POR15 Built my new battery...
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    What did you do on your Jeep today? Sept 2017

    Found an hour tonight for a little work Drilled the aluminum bracket for the Viper coil -- Had to remove some weld for bolt head clearance -- I don't have a mill but an end mill on a drill press works just fine with aluminum Test fit all parts on the bracket -- The lower clamp is a weld on...
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    What did you do on your Jeep today? Sept 2017

    Then I made this bracket out of aluminum: And here is how it will sit: The 2 lower bolts mount into the motor mount bracket, there are 2 holes already there -- then 2 upper bolts into the modified PDC bracket More to come...
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    What did you do on your Jeep today? Sept 2017

    I have a 2000 XJ with the coil rail -- I recently swapped in a motor from a 98 ZJ with a 7120 head -- No coil rail mounting points -- I wanted to swap over to a viper coil anyway A little addition to a stock PDC bracket : Installed:
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    WTB cruise control switches for 2000 XJ

    Looking for a set of cruise control switches with revision code AD or greater for 2000 XJ I'll purchase outright or I have a set of 97/98 switches if you are in need and would like to trade -- these are revision code AC I'm in NJ -- zip is 08846