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  1. gajeepxj

    Needing some help
  2. gajeepxj

    Hey guys, I need your help.

    I don't spam, this is me. And it is my wife.
  3. gajeepxj

    Rust through lift

    OK, I own 2 xjs, one is nothing but rust, but great drivetrain. The other is newer, half the parts are missing, drive train sucks. Well, this week end I was installing the RC 4.5 lift, and as I was jacking the forward spring eyelet forward into the torque Box, the eyelet disapeared into the...
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    need help trimming

    Ok, I am indecisive on how I want to trim my rears. I am installing a 4.5, and will run 33's. I have been told i can cut off up to the pinch welds, OK got that! and I then, can cut verticle slits upto another 1 inch and hammer fold or bend over the tabs. Ok wait, if you cant cut past because...
  5. gajeepxj

    Vibration/Syncro wear, fix for 3550

    I wasn't sure if this should be in OEM or here, but since only 2 years of the cherokee came with the 3550. I am posting here! If you have added the Rubicon Model New Venture/Process 3550 in your jeep or have the last 2-3 yrs of the cherokee, I have recently tried and want to report my findings...
  6. gajeepxj

    New ORV park in west ga.

    Hey jeepers, There is a new private park under construction in Georgia. For those who don't know about it here is some info: About 6 buisness partners are trying to decide between 2-3 pieces of property, the most likely is located in West Ga in Paulding County, The owner of this project will...
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    What ever happened too?

    Ever wonder what happened too, Slickrock Gear, or AEV's Cherokee products, or others??:( Just wondering? What happened to these, Why does AEV only support vehicles that are new models, They used to support Cherokees, what happened and why?:flamemad: Also, what about these small companies...
  8. gajeepxj

    Newest info on Tellico

    You are invited to a specific briefing for off highway vehicle representatives concerning the Upper Tellico OHV Project on Friday February 27, 2009 at 11:00 AM EST, at the Tusquitee Ranger Station in Murphy NC. District Ranger Steve Lohr and Deputy Forest Supervisor Monica Schwalbach will be...
  9. gajeepxj

    West Ga ORV Park

    There is an idea of a west ga ORV park to be built in Douglasville ga. If you want more info, check out the "SouthernJeeps" forum under "landuse" and topic "West Ga ORV Park."