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  1. jimgrms

    Favor needed

    I found a camper make from co and i am kind of interested ,,, They make the Tail Feather camper ,and the co is Teal international corp 5925 Sacajawa Way loveland c 80537 ph is 970 744 3624, What i...
  2. jimgrms

    Baja 1000

    KTM rider Killed during baja 1 k rally was caused by a booby trap built by spectators
  3. jimgrms


    Happy vets day to all of you vets ! got to appleby's or golden corral for a free meal
  4. jimgrms

    Me too

    Decided to sell my vw thing,as it was the worst driving pos i've ever owned. and i bought a 2004 Toyota Tacoma double cab 4x4 the trd off road edition, whatever that means It actuall comes with a few nice options , skids rear locker a track and bilistens . guess i will find some local...
  5. jimgrms

    Hump day humor

    Obama asked his Mama why he was half black, Son don,t go there ,from what i remember about that party your lucky you don,t bark
  6. jimgrms

    The OldMan

    Has any one heard from Tom about the surgery he was schedualed for? inquiring minds want to know
  7. jimgrms


    As it almost as hot here in ca as co, my Bro who is a golfer, and i installed a mister on his cart , and i was thinking it would help with the heating issuer on the xj' when wheeling just put the nozzle in front of the grill and when working it will drop the air temp by 25 degrees .,he got his...
  8. jimgrms

    Fires in Colorado,

    there are some terrible fires going on in colorado.Those folks are losing everything they have , you can help send a little cash to thanks
  9. jimgrms


    OK one of my soccermom friends has ordered a jeep rubicon unlimited, ' some of you have met her on some runs , if you guys go on a run can she tag along?? (with her husband and kids )that is if you guys ever go on a run again
  10. jimgrms

    life's a beach

    Just a quick report on the move , Cost more for gas for the moving truck,over a 1000.00 Had to go thru new mexico cause of snow ,and wind allthe way. sucked.. Acouple of days after getting semmi settled , got sick and hospitalized again, seems a preccription change before i left screwed my...
  11. jimgrms

    3 weeks ,

    3 more weeks , and i will be in oceanside ca ,I found a condo a little over one block from the beach and oceanside pier Just checked the weather its 9 degrees here and 64 there , everything withing walking distance, the longboard brewery, several mex restaurants ,, IN N OUT Burgers . any...
  12. jimgrms

    Weekly humor .

    A man and wife were driving down a country road on a cold winter day. the wife spots a baby skunk lying on the side of the road. stop the car honey so we can see if it is alive. Honey its alive but nearly frozen ,can we put it in the car to warm it up? Ok says the husband , but where can i...
  13. jimgrms

    I POD thingamabob

    Ok i want to play my iPod tunes over the radio in my accord but i want it wired in not broadcast ,, What do i need , don,t want to buy a new radio ???
  14. jimgrms

    Merry Christmass

    Just want to wish all of you folks a Merry Christmas ,and a Happy New Year .;)))
  15. jimgrms

    Parts to co springs

    Anyone going to co springs ,i have some parts that need to go to Kronik ,please pm me
  16. jimgrms

    Veterans Day

    Just saying thanks for serving to all you vets out there ,don't forget the free meals at hooters and applebys
  17. jimgrms

    Mail box

    .40 cal patroit , your mailbox is full , i was trying to notify you that you won a prize , but its to late now
  18. jimgrms


    Just to let everyone know that Matt (skully) Father passed sat am , prayers are in order .
  19. jimgrms

    check engine codes

    The wj is throwing a check engine code aux emission vapor leak according to the auto parts dude po442 po456 po455 the truck seem to kind of miss around 2200 rpm it vibrates like a tire which i suspected till i had the balance checked he also said to check the gas cap its...
  20. jimgrms

    need a address

    OK i need a address to have some wheels shipped to, the folk here at the old folks home will have a coronary if i have 5 wheels shipped here, preferably somewhere fairly close to denver but beggars can't be choosers, i will bring beer