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  1. davidson99XJ

    wtb 1 soft 8 and km2

    Just like it says. Wanting to know if any of you have a 33/10.50/15 km2 or a extra soft 8 rim with 5x4.5 pattern. Tread isn't too important as it is just getting mounted as a spare
  2. davidson99XJ

    1999 XJ 4.5 lift

    I'm finally selling my XJ. it is a 1999 classic with the 4.0 auto. 108xxx miles. 35/30 4.5 rough country short arm lift, 33x12.50x15 tires. has the new improved rough country lca with new style bushings. serious off road 1 ton utk, pro comp 1" dpa. re 1660....? adjustable trackbar with the re...
  3. davidson99XJ

    need help

    ok so ive been driving my jeep for about a year now everyday as my dd no problems. about 2 months ago i started to get a loud pop in my front end when i turn the wheel without moving or moving slowly, i also had a very loud pop when i hit a pot hole or big bump. got to looking and see that my...
  4. davidson99XJ

    KJ Renegade light bar on a XJ???

    I've searched and haven't found much. Anyone know of any write-ups about this? Had one in the shop today and those are pretty bright and like the looks
  5. davidson99XJ

    flats drags on monday

    Entering my heep in the flat drags at the local fair. Any tips or suggestions? Will be running on dirt. And also gonna have a little spray if I can get everything lined up in time
  6. davidson99XJ

    flat drags monday

    Entering the heep in the flat drags at local fair. Any tips or suggestions??? Gonna try to run a 35-40 spray maybe
  7. davidson99XJ

    feeler...99 classic

    Thinking about selling my 99. 104,000 miles. Ac blows ice cold. Cold air intake, full 2.5" exhaust with flowmaster. 4.5 rough country short arm lift. New rc lower control arms (new bushing design) 33/12.50 tires. all 90%+ tread. Full size spare. jks quicker disconnects. Crown 5 layer extended...
  8. davidson99XJ

    in need of a 33/12.50/15

    Ok so local searching = fail. St pattys day someone thought it would be funny or cool to slice my tire. So now I need another one. Don't really have the $ for a new one seeing how another toy (harley) just got the best of me! Don't really trust my trail spare to drive on the road and seeing how...
  9. davidson99XJ

    a little fun on lunch break

  10. davidson99XJ


    I was wondering if anyone got any pictures of my jeep? I didn't get out of the jeep much to take pics so don't have any
  11. davidson99XJ

    Thanks MWC

    Winterfest was not only my first time wheeling with NAXJA but my first time at Badlands. I had a blast and can't wait til next year to do it again! I met some great people and everyone was very welcoming and made it fun. I also did some things that I didn't really think I could (thanks flex) and...
  12. davidson99XJ

    JCR stage 2 sliders......bolt them or weld them?

    Like the title says. I'm putting them on tonight. Want some suggestions. Be a lot easier to weld them
  13. davidson99XJ

    pulling a camper?

    Ok so I can't decide whether or not to pull our camper to WF......its a 10' or 12' pop up. I have a 99 with a 35 rear and stock 3.55s. Never tried it before. What would you guys suggest?
  14. davidson99XJ

    XJ Stuff for sale

    Ok well I'm needing some $$$ for wf lol this jeep has drained my play funds. So, I have some stuff to sell ZJ tie rod. Good ends. $60 Brand new Autopal bulbs with some eBay "projector" housings $30 5 shock boots still in packaging $5 Pro Comp drop pitman arm NIB $50 Skyjacker track bar drop...
  15. davidson99XJ

    where you coming from?

    I live in greensburg and was wondering if anyone from around the area was heading up thursday night of Friday morning? Would like to meet up with someone to "convoy" up.
  16. davidson99XJ

    spare tire?

    Ok well i was planning on buying a tire carrier and putting it on at WF. Well that's not gonna happen. Don't really have a place to put a spare so how would it be to just strap it to the factory luggage rack? This would be just for on the trails. It would ride inside on the way to and from the...
  17. davidson99XJ

    wtb wtt control arms

    Ok so i have 4.5 of lift and need some control arms in good shape. Lowers and maybe uppers if you got em
  18. davidson99XJ

    anyone bringing a welder?

    Is anyone bringing a welder to WF? I am going to need a tire carrier I'm picking up at WF welded on my bumper....and seeing if anyone was willing to help out....seeing i dont have a welded or know how to weld ha willing to pay some $/booze
  19. davidson99XJ

    10" Rigid spot/flood combo bar
  20. davidson99XJ

    Rigid L.E.D. bar

    looking to add some more lighting to my jeep. was thinking about maybe the 10" rigid light bar....i want something that is going to light up everything in front of me! i currently have hid headlights that are junk cheapos and dont have high beams when country driving i just turn on my hella...