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  1. chasdb

    1996 4 DOOR XJ 4x4 4.0L, HP D44 Front Axle included

    Posting for a good buddy Tim. He will add anything I forgot and his contact info next post: 1996 Jeep Cherokee XJ 122,000 Miles 5” LIFT Wheels: 5x BFG KO2 32x12.5 x15 mounted on steel wheels, matching spare. Not installed: 4 15x8 5 on 5.5 American Racing style aluminum wheels for axle...
  2. chasdb

    Pics, Hells Revenge, Fins & Things

    What a great trip! Thanks for everyone's hard work to put this trip together. I plan to take more days off next time, only thing I would change, and maybe a little less rain :o. If you have pics/ video of me climbing Hells Gate I would love to see it. Tuesday's Hells Revenge...
  3. chasdb

    Axle repair

    Any recommendations on a shop to check a noise in my rear axle. Got a bad whine. May not be able to lead run Tuesday
  4. chasdb

    Chasdb build thread 2000 V3

    This is my third XJ, and will be the third revision. Not like I ever finished it, just keep tinkering, adding to it, braking stuff, and changing things. I've met a bunch of great people. Got to see new places, got to enjoy racing KOH and Jeep Speed. It's no longer my daily driver but I do love...
  5. chasdb

    Sears Trailer

    Selling the little Sears trailer I modified a few years ago. It's pretty light, no brakes- no brake controller needed, permanent trailer plate. Followed my jeep just fine to Big Bear, Grand Canyon and then some. Tires are old stockers off my first Renix XJ with a matching spare rim inside(tire...
  6. chasdb

    Ultra4 Glen Helen Grand Prix

    Tomorrow if you guys missed it... 7-12-14 Some pics from testing and qualifying today. I heard Team Naxja's jeep got hit by an Ultra4 car and damaged the passenger knuckle, hope you guys can patch it up and have fun tomorrow!
  7. chasdb

    Curt LeDuc Swapmeet

    I have never made it to one yet, but going to try again.
  8. chasdb

    FS:coils, led bar, impact, flares, gears and more

    IRO 5.5" coils from their long arm kit. Coils settled to a measured 4.25" lifted height with winch, winch bumber, cage, stiffners, plating, etc on my heep. Ran them with spacers below for 5.5" of lift. $70 for used coils. Teraflex coil spacers 1.25" $25 Daystar front extended bumpstops...
  9. chasdb

    FS: JKS, Hella,Daystar,Flares, CB, spare oem parts

    Changing things up a bit so I got some parts for sale. Reply to post or pm me, Thanks Charles JKS Discos for 3.5 to 6" lift, with swaybar and newer swaybar bushings $90 Hella 700FF with HID conversions and covers $100 Daystar bumps for late model XJ, cut down 3/4" from full length $25...
  10. chasdb

    5 33x10.5x15 BFG KM2 Mud Terrain

    Went up to 35s so these got to go. All are in good condition and were on my daily driver, 15/32 tread remaining, new was 18/32. New tires run $200 ea asking $750 for all five. Charles 714-240-nine913
  11. chasdb

    Mastercraft Suspension seats set up for 97+

    I picked up a pair of suspension seats from another member. They are Beard frames with Mastercraft Covers, Black and Grey. I built brackets so these will mount on 97-01 stock seat slides. Too hard for the wife to get into on 33s and she is gonna hate me if I go 35". First $250 gets them, I'm in...
  12. chasdb


    Teal 79 Ford F100/150 with a Dana44 High Pinion 5 on 5.5 w/disc brakes. This has the cast in tubes so you will need to retube unless your going to run the Ford radius arms. Price on the list is 159 + 20 core.
  13. chasdb

    help! 7/8 taps needed for steering

    I welded up my steering and track bar bungs last night and even after letting them cool overnight 4 are too tight and I need to chase the threads. I guess they are not fool proof. I need to borrow, rent, willing to drive for: for a 7/8 heim tap LH 7/8-14 TPI Tap RH 7/8-14 TPI Tap I should...
  14. chasdb

    FS:IRO Track bar, AR-23 wheels, 8.25axle, d30lp axle, cal cat, RE shocks, pitman arm

    Getting my new axles in so getting rid of old gear. Will get pictures up sometime this weekend. Plan to go to the OC meet and greet this coming week so may be able to bring items to the meet if my jeep is back on the road. First come/ pay gets it, not holding stuff forever. If you want something...
  15. chasdb

    Curt LeDuc offroad swap meet

    I always seem to miss it and hear about the great deals. Coming up next week guys! Sunday February 26th, 2012 6am-2pm Where: Casino Morongo Cabazon CA I10 exit Morongo Trail and follow the signs Cost: Attendance is Free until age 12, then $10 Exhibit spaces starts at $30. See more detail...
  16. chasdb

    FS: Rubicon Express Adj Upper Arms, axle upper brackets

    I'm changing my build and don't need these: New in box Rubicon Express RE4020 Upper Adjustable control arms- $180 Upper control arm brackets made with 3/16 and new bushings, was going to use on T&T truss but could be cut down to weld on axle. $40
  17. chasdb

    Feeler thread: IRO long arm/ track bar

    I'm thinking about selling my Iron Rock Offroad long arms, crossmember and double shear track bar. Only reason I am thinking about selling it is that I'm swapping to a D44HP with high steer and will need to change to a straight trackbar and the Y-link will be difficult to mount on the larger...
  18. chasdb

    ? Best master cyl for brakes D44HP & D44 axle upgrades ,brake pad ?

    I have a '00 without abs and building a D44HP with Chevy K10 calipers/Ford F150 rotors on the front axle and XJ D44 rear with Ford Explorer 8.8 disc brakes for the rear. Will my existing master cylinder be the corect bore or do I need to upgrade for best braking performance? Will I need to swap...
  19. chasdb

    FS: scanner,block,cal cat,grill, flat top knuckles, 242 sye, stereo

    Trying to finish my build need room in the garage to work and a few bucks! All parts in Fullerton, near 91 and Euclid. Snap On Microscan, OBD2, abs, live data loaded w/OBD1 but needs optional cords, less than a yr old, took it on trips for peace of mind- only used a handful of times. Have all...
  20. chasdb

    More Chili Cookoff Pics

    Headed out to the race Sat with the wife. After loading up and breakfast I got to pit one around 11 and ran across to Pit 3 at mi 24.5. Hung out took a few pics of the Jeepspeeds. I forgot to save and erase pics on my memory card so I didn't get all of them :( BLM was out patroling, they were...