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  1. clydefrog

    Got them vibes

    At what driveline RPM's do vibrations become difficult to completey eliminate? What I want to know is if I am chasing something that is at it's designed limit. I get driveline vibrations at ~2,500 to 2,600 DRIVELINE RPM's. This is at about 77 to 80mph. I didn't have an issue before but now...
  2. clydefrog

    NP231 Black Fluid.....

    So after 23k on the slip yoke eliminator kit I checked my t-case fluid and its black. Or very dark....I checked it about 3k after the slip yoke install and it was still red. I am running Swepco 714 trans fluid, 1987 NP231. Just wondering if this was normal with new bearings etc. I changed it of...
  3. clydefrog

    Speedo Gears

    I have two long shaft speedo gears (mechanical gauge). One is 34 tooth the other is 39 tooth. Both are rugged ridge brand and the 39 tooth one has like ~100 miles on it.... $20 each shipped. Or trade for a 37 tooth long shaft...... Gear chart if you need it...
  4. clydefrog

    Pattern Check

    Ford 8.8 with G2 4.56 gears, new bearings and Detroit Tru-trac. I think I am going to run it, heel contact a bit much but backlash is already pretty tight at .012 avg. Spec is .011-.016. Coast side makes my want to add a shim on the pinion but I don't want to throw off my drive side. Thoughts?
  5. clydefrog

    Ford 8.8 LSD - Free

    I have an 8.8 carrier, ring and pinion which is lsd (could use new friction discs) with 3.73 gears. Its a 31 spline. everything included except the c-clips. Free. In the Auburn area. Will post pics.
  6. clydefrog

    Fuel Pump Noise

    Trying to track a fuel pump whine noise down. I have an LS swap (sig) but I am running a Spectre stock XJ pump (Renix style XJ) so the fuel setup is stock. I just got back from a 3,200 mile trip in the Jeep and on days where I would be driving 6-8 hours the fuel pump would be screaming like a...
  7. clydefrog

    Signal Peak Fathers Day

    Anybody in? Going to try to make it to the top if there is no snow (the hard way, South side). I think you could make it with a stock-ish XJ. Probably leaving the Fordyce staging area around 10am. Having lunch at the top, should be fun.
  8. clydefrog

    FS: JK Hardrock Wheels

    I am selling these for a co-worker. There are five (5) of them. Four of them have less than 3.5k miles on them and one is brand new (spare). Pretty sure they have TPMS sensors in them, need to check. They where 2017 JK Rubicon takeoffs. 5x5 bolt pattern with 5 3/4" backspacing. They are wrapped...
  9. clydefrog

    Knuckle Question

    So I bought a HP D30 to replace my disco D30 housing (couldn't get the inner axle seal to seal correctly) and I have a question about the knuckles. My old housing has the knuckles plus a separate caliper bracket and the newer housing I got from a newer XJ has the caliper mount built into the...
  10. clydefrog

    Feeler: 2" Budget Boost W/Shocks & 30" Tires

    Want to sell my five 30x9.5x15 along with front 2" coil spacers, rear Rubican Express full AAL which are 2" lift and a set of four shocks made for 2" of lift, the shocks are Rancho hydro's. Everything has 11k miles on them, the tires are over 50%. Need to wait a month or so first (going to 33"...
  11. clydefrog

    GM Tuner in the Sac area

    Not Jeep related, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any tuners in the Sac area? I am running a generic tune which is leaning out my LS swapped XJ at lower rpm causing it to run really hot on the trail. Want to get it tuned to run better or more mild before I cause more damage. Thanks!
  12. clydefrog

    Door Latch

    Anyone have the p/n's or know where i can get affordable door latches for the XJ? I have an '87. All four doors are getting a bit sticky (hard to open) and my drivers latch interior plastic parts where coming apart and finally broke so now i cant lock that door. Just ordered a latch from the...
  13. clydefrog

    Bilstein 5100 vs. 5160

    Who's running either model? I happened upon a free set of brand new rear 5160's for a JK (which would work perfect for an XJ with 5" lift which I have). My question is if its worth it to get a matching set of 5160's for the front or just get the 5100's. The rig is purpose built for...
  14. clydefrog

    WTB: D30 Housing

    Looking for a HP D30 non-disco housing, no heavy use/jumping. In the Auburn area, I just need the housing, but open to full axles depending on $$$. Would pay extra if you ave a 4.10 geared axle. Thanks.
  15. clydefrog

    RC Long Arm Kit & Frame Stiffeners

    Anybody know if there is a compatible frame stiffener kit that will work with an off the shelf long arm kit? I am currently running the Rough Country kit and want to stiffen the frame. I am sure people have done it, maybe just looking for some tips. Thanks.
  16. clydefrog

    D30 Disco Elimination Axle Seal?

    So I installed a Detroit Trutrac up front on my HP D30 axle along with chromoly 1 piece axle shafts (eliminating the disco axle shafts on my '87 XJ). I thought the correct seal would be in the kit I got to seal the pass. side axle shaft but it wasn't. And as most of you know the disco axles are...
  17. clydefrog

    Air Tank Mounting Options

    I already searched, came up empty handed. Where is everyone mounting their OBA external tank? I don't want to mount mine in the cab. I was thinking on top of my Smittybuilt rear tire carrier swing out. I know some people mount theirs underneath. I have the Viar 2.5 gallon tank. Any pics of...
  18. clydefrog

    Clyde Frog Build Thread

    I figured I shold start a build thread for my rig so I could keep track of everything I do to it. Have much more plans for it down the road. Currently I have: -1987 XJ -Engine is a Chevy Vortec 5.3 and some light mods. -Transmission is a 4L60E. -Transfer case is stock NP231 with slip yoke...
  19. clydefrog


    Just ordered some D30 4340 axles for my XJ, Received them less than 24 hours later. Awesome product, awesome service. Thanks!
  20. clydefrog

    Another Tow Question

    Here is my question: What can the NP231 handle in 4wd? It has a slip yoke eliminator from AA (beefier shaft) but I am more concerned with how it will hold up if i tow in 4wd (just briefly coming out of a boat ramp). This is a 1987 XJ with a modded 5.3 Chevy Vortec with Ford 8.8 in the rear...