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  1. AZRockRunner

    1989 Jeep Cherokee for sale

    Selling the wifes XJ since we really dont need 2 rigs to maintaine. I will not part it out since I will be moving soon and dont need the headache. I will list it here for a week then it hits craigslist. I would rather see it go to Naxja member that will use it. 1989 Jeep Cherokee 4 door...
  2. AZRockRunner

    33" AT's wanted

    I am looking for a good used set of 33" AT's for the wifes DD. Will consider MT's aswell/ Need to be 15" and would also consider tire and wheel package if the price is right. Lemme know what ya got. Lata
  3. AZRockRunner

    XJ stuff for sale. Rims, skids, and more!!!!

    I have all 5 of these and there in great shape other than some dirt. Tires are street tires but have about 50% tread left on them. $150.00 Will not ship. Front steel skid great shape: $50.00 Stock Steel Gas tank skid $50.00 Stock XJ Drive Shaft with YJ yoke: $30.00 Class 3 hitch I...
  4. AZRockRunner

    2 Door doors needed

    I am starting the build out of the 91 2 Door and I am wanting to get another set of doors that do NOT have electric locks and windows. I currently have elec and will use those for half doors and the manual ones for full doors for winter wheeling and storage. So, does anyone have a set that are...
  5. AZRockRunner

    Safety Checklist

    Who would like to take the lead on this? I want a checklist to include all items that are not just in the ByLaws but other things that we all feel need to be included. Once this list is complete and agreed upon, I can print them out on my laser printer and bring to Rockfest.
  6. AZRockRunner

    Looking for a trade!!!

    I would like to trade the 1991 Jeep Cherokee 2 door 4x4 I have in the back yard for a 4 wheel drive quad. So, if you have one, let me know. I do require that you have title and paperwork for quad so I can register is properly as I will be taking this along on camping runs. All I know about is...
  7. AZRockRunner

    Looking for wheels

    I need a set of 4 wheels size 16 x 8 with 5 on 4.5 and about 3.25 or 3.75 backspacing. I want to get the wifes jeep a little wider stance for stability. Hit me up if ya got what I need. Lata
  8. AZRockRunner

    Ford rear axle hardware kit

    I have brand new in bag the 12 point bolts and u-joint clips for a Ford 8.8 rear axle to bolt the driveline to the rear axle. These will cost you a BEER if you pick up or we meet on a run. Lata
  9. AZRockRunner

    Lebarron Vents in Tucson for sale

    Not my ad but, just thought I would pass it along.
  10. AZRockRunner

    36" spare tire needed

    OK, I am short on cash like most folks so I am gonna try and only buy 4 TSL/SX's and pick up a used hooptie spare if anyone has one laying around PM me and let me know what ya got. Looking for 36 x 12.50 R15 ir super close in size but MUST be a 15" rim.
  11. AZRockRunner

    Exhaust manifold Needed

    Hey AZ guys, I need a stock renix exhaust manifold. I dont care if it is cracked really as I can weld it up before installing it. My 89 XJ has a BAD crack so I want to get a stock replacement and have it welded and ready to go. If you got one let me know Lata
  12. AZRockRunner

    fuel pump overheating

    ok, this has happened a few times now and I wanna try and resolve it before I shoot my XJ. It starts and runs perfect but after a half day of wheeling in the 90 + degree heat, the fuel pump gets louder and louder and then finally stops running altogether. I can pour fuel into the jeep or let it...
  13. AZRockRunner

    looking to trade coils

    I have a slightly used set of Rustys 6.5" coils that are still easily that and I am wanting to go down to a 5.5" set. My rear leafs have sagged and I have WAY more than enough room to stuff my tires so down she comes. I would like trade someone that might be using spacers to make there 5.5"...
  14. AZRockRunner

    rims and tires for sale

    Ok, I have a complete set of 5 SOFT 8 black steelies with the 5 on 4.5 bolt pattern and 4.5" backspace. Slight scuffing on a few of them but nothing really bad, still nice looking rims. With steel prices up so damn high, they are going for 68 new + tax, I will take 40 each but will only sell in...
  15. AZRockRunner

    brake thingamajig needed!!!

    Ok, I need the weird looking peice that goes on the emergency brake rod under the jeep. Its the thing that the E-brake cables hook into and makes them work! Lata
  16. AZRockRunner

    keyless entry / remote start paging alarm question.

    Wheew, that was a mouthful. Anyway I have a 89 laredo that I just aquired from a guy in the AZ chapter. The rig is awsome and I would LOVE to keep it in the family a good long time. So the wife and I are thinking about installing one of those remote start/paging systems in the cherokee but...
  17. AZRockRunner

    2" spacers needed

    I am wanting to get some 2" spacers for my 01 DD XJ. I am in Tucson but will be heading up to Phoenix this upcoming Tuesday to pick up my new to me XJ from Harmon so I can pick them up there if needed. Thanks guys. Lata
  18. AZRockRunner

    D30 front non disco Axle for sale

    I have a spare D30 LP axle up for sale. Its complete except the brake calipers. Its a non disco out of an early model XJ non ABS. I dont know much about this axle as I bought it used and never messed with it since that project is now on the back burner and it will get D44 and Ford 9" when its...
  19. AZRockRunner

    Steel Front Skid

    Have it up for sale since it is no longer feasable with my size lift. 50 bucks is what I paid, 50 bux is what I ask for it. I WILL NOT SHIP since that would cost WAY to much $$$ and I dont have the time. I might be able to bring to phoenix in a few weeks as I drive through again, but we will see...
  20. AZRockRunner

    Needed to borrow or purchase cheap ASAP!!!!!

    Ok guys, I am about to become a GRAMP'S in the next few days and we will be taking ALOT of trips to Ft Mohave, AZ in the 01 Cheropile and it does NOT have enough room for everything inside along with the dogs. I am looking for one of those storage units that goes into the tow reciever hitch and...