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  1. Jeepguy91

    Stock leaf packs

    Have got the stock leaf springs out of my jeep that I no longer need. They do have a rough country add a leaf mixed in with them along with a second set of factory leaf springs. The center bolt has been cut. They are just loose springs. Will get a picture of them tonight. Make me an offer or...
  2. Jeepguy91

    What do you need to get done before WF

    I know we all have stuff to get done before WF 2020 gets here. I just have a small list this year. Install new leaf springs Rebuild rear shocks and build custom mounts thru the floor for them Fix gas tank leak when jeep stands on end Spare tire mount Check fluids Lengthen front arms just a...
  3. Jeepguy91

    Raffle recap

    Want to say a big thank you to everyone who participated in our raffle this year and an even bigger thank you to all of our vendors who donated to the raffle. Here is the list of the winners. 1. Member Raffle - Hobart 140 Welder- Dan Wheeler - Fore wheeler 2. IRO D30/D44 C gusset kit - Travis...
  4. Jeepguy91

    Random parts list

    Well the comanche I recently got my son had a whole bunch of parts in the bed of it and some we won't be using in the build. Here is a list of stuff we have for sale plus some other random stuff. Let me know if you have any questions or are looking for something. May have it. Not trying to...
  5. Jeepguy91

    Staging flags

    I will be bringing down the staging flags again this year. Now that we have had them for a few years is there anything anybody thinks we might need to change on them? Im open for suggestions or if we just want to leave them the way they are that's fine as well.
  6. Jeepguy91

    Vender donations

    Here is a list of who we got donations from last year and were given away at the raffle. I think we need to start getting in touch with some of these businesses here soon. Please post up with how you contact so we don't have multiple people going after the same company. Also if there is other...
  7. Jeepguy91

    Moab raffle winners

    Sorry all its taken a while for me to get this all posted. Here is the winners from the banquet raffle. 1. Quadratec winch - Jim Stenfield 2. Jeep battery cable kit & $100 TNT Gift Cert - Los Lobos 3. Napier Hood vents & $50 Prime 4x4 Gift Cert - Ben Evilsizor 4. RS D30 diff cover - Geoff...
  8. Jeepguy91

    Winterfest raffle winners

    Here is a list of all of the raffle price winners this year. Brown dog gift certificate - Scott Moore ECGS gift certificate - Brandon Weirich ARES steering box spacer - Suzi Evilsizor Sluff grab handles - Matt Rowland Rock auto gift certificate - Travis Mcvey IRO gift certificate - Craig Busch...
  9. Jeepguy91

    4-36.1250x15 Super Swamper SX's on rims

    Putting new wheels and tires on the jeep so selling off the old set. They are 36x12.50x15 Super Swamper SX's and they are mounted on a set of 15x10 steel 5x5.5 rims. Tires all have great tread left on them but they do have some cracking in them. Let me know if you have any questions. Can bring...
  10. Jeepguy91

    4-36x12.50x15 Super Swamper SX's

    Putting new wheels and tires on the jeep so selling off the old set. They are 36x12.50x15 Super Swamper SX's and they are mounted on a set of 15x10 steel 5x5.5 rims. Tires all have great tread left on them but they do have some cracking in them. Let me know if you have any questions. Can bring...
  11. Jeepguy91

    2016 trailer/camper for sale

    Have got a 24ft long trailer that I built last year that I'm looking to sell. The deck measures roughly 24ft long and 78" wide. Has brand new 5200lb axles under it with brakes on both and new wheels and tires. There is also a pop up camper mounted on the front of the trailer and it still leaves...
  12. Jeepguy91

    2002 Ford Taurus SES

    Have got a 2002 Ford Taurus SES that I'm selling. Has been a really good car. Clean interior. Has 136,000 miles. May need radiator or just a hose. Still runs and drives great. Let me know if you have any questions. $950 obo Sent from my XT1565 using Tapatalk
  13. Jeepguy91

    Rouch World and Camping trip July 28-30

    Well a couple members of the BOD have decided to go up to Rouch World offroad park and see what its all about. It is a new park that they are trying to build so its not very big yet. I have been in touch with one of the people in charge and we are gonna go up and talk them and see what they have...
  14. Jeepguy91

    8.25 29 spline spare shafts trade for case of beer

    Got a pair of 8.25 29 spline axle shafts that i was keeping around for spares but since i know longer have a use for them want them out of my shed. Located in Warsaw, IN and will take a case of beer for them. Just want them gone.
  15. Jeepguy91

    Dana 44 4.10+ open carrier wanted

    Im looking for an open carrier for a dana 44 for a 4.10 and higher gear set. Need one to put in jeep to get gears installed. Let me know if you have one for sale before i go and buy and new one.
  16. Jeepguy91

    Extra attendence this year

    Don't know if any of you are on some of the facebook jeep pages but there has been quite a bit of talk on those sites about NAXJA WF this year. This may be over thinking some but doesn't hurt to plan for worst. We never know but may end up having an influx of more people coming this year. I know...
  17. Jeepguy91

    Running ARB locker off of ac pump air compressor

    Looking at picking up a used ARB air locker for my Dana 44 front axle. I have converted my ac pump to be my air compressor with a 2.5 gallon tank sitting back in my cargo area. Will I be able to use my air compressor setup to feed air to the locker? Been trying to look around to find someone who...
  18. Jeepguy91

    Misc truck and jeep parts

    Here is what I have for sale. Let me know if you have any questions. Can get pics of anything you need. Can driver to WF. 97-01 XJ complete header panel-$40-pending local sale NP231 t case from 98 XJ-$120 265-75-16 load range E tires, still little tread left-$100 1-adjustable RE upper control...
  19. Jeepguy91

    Potential sponsors

    When do we want to start emailing potential sponsors? I have the list of ones on my email of who I contacted last year and didn't know if we wanted to start contacting people yet or not.
  20. Jeepguy91

    Looking for parts train down to JR.

    Looking to see if anybody would be able to help out with a parts train down to JR. Its nothing big just a locker. Just seeing if anybody is heading south and could help out before we look at shipping it?