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    Does this Tapatalk thing really work? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
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    Camping Gear

    Coleman folding cot with a thin foam mattress, like new $20 OBO One burner butane stove with a nice plastic case and 4 extra cans of fuel $20 OBO Coleman two burner propane stove with piezo igniter, lightly used $20 OBO American Camper two burner stove like new $10 OBO
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    MJ interior parts

    I have all the plastic parts, seat belts, speaker brackets, rear carpet panel, in the dark burgundy color. Everything is in good shape, rear plastic panel has several screw hole where someone attached some kind of storage pouch thing. Best offer over $300 takes it all. PM me your phone # for pics
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    Yukon Zip Locker D30

    YZLD30-4-27 New in box. Planned to build a new D30 with this, but don't see it happening. $600 shipped
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    Yukon Zip Locker D30

    YZLD30-4-27 New in box. Planned to build a new D30 with this, but don't see it happening. $600 shipped
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    Grizzly 20" Planer

    I know this is a long shot, but if anyone here is seriously into woodworking, I'll give you a deal on this
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    Baofeng UV5R5, Midland 75-822

    Both new, never used. Haven't found the manual for the Midland yet, can be found online easily enough. Baofeng includes USB programming cable and headset. $30 Midland CB $40 Either one should fit in small USPS flat rate box if taken out of original boxes
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    96 XJ Country $2000 OBO

    Yeah, I guess I don't really need 4 XJs. Bought this one because no appreciable rust, but I don't have the time now to finish fixing the few misc problems, and non-rusty XJs shouldn't be hard to find in AZ. 4.0, AW4, 231, 8.25, 126k-ish miles Runs and drives great, brakes are good, cold AC...
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    Our AZ, COfest, Moab Trip

    Started about 5:30 AM 7/15. Hit St Louis in morning rush Spent a thrilling night in Elk City, OK, sorry no pics Highlight of Saturday's driving was going through Albuquerque, with the Weird Al song by the same name playing in my head. Spent the night in Chambers, AZ, so we could hit...
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    After a few days in Moab, Cindy and I got home yesterday afternoon. Still trying to get everything unpacked/put away/cleaned/reorganized, but we wanted to say THANKS!!! to Fred, Justin and anyone else that had a hand in organizing this event. And to everyone else there for making us feel...
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    For Beezil...

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    Emglo Air Compressor

    Contractor wheelbarrow style. Emglo was bought out by Jenny in 2003, who made many of the parts for Emglo. This current model looks pretty much the same...
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    I took a couple. Wheeler did last pretty long... But 1/2 hour later, this was the entire group...
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    Does the Badlands still require flags? I'm loading up, looking at my collection of flags, don't recall seeing a reminder about them.
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    ZJ leather seats, Eagle alloys, tools...

    I'll be adding more stuff as I get time to dig out/discover what all I have that I don't really need. Had these ZJ seats in my '96 for a bit, made the 428 miles round trip to Redbird totally comfy for my butt. These will bolt on to any 95+ XJ seat bases. Passenger side includes switch, should...
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    A few pics...

    from previous trips to Ouray. There are plenty of scenic areas in Colorado, but Ouray has to be one of the best. We made it to Coloradofest in 2011, and had such a great time, we had to go back for several days before COfest 2014.
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    MWC history for sale, cheap

    Going through my clothes for Goodwill donations, found some extra MWC stuff that probably wouldn't be fully appreciated at Goodwill. All are size medium, very good to unused condition, WF delivery available, $5 each or a good beer or two at WF One 2005 WF shirt, blue, same basic design we had...
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    15 x 8 Eagle Alloys $150 OBO

    As seen here... Set of 4, 5 on 4.5", I believe the backspacing is 3.5". Little bit of rock rash, all balanced well
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    '96 Sport grey seats

    In decent condition, should clean up real nice, make offer
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    WTB-Passenger Power Seat Base '95+

    Got my nice cushy ZJ leather seats installed in my DD, but was only able to find a driver's side power base. Anyone have a passenger side one in their spare parts pile or parts jeep? Or seen any in your local JY?