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  1. grandy_xj

    5 TJ Ravines with BFG A/T 32x11.5x15

    I have 5 TJ Ravines with BFG A/T 32x11.5x15 for sale. The tread looks good with plenty of life left. I switched to a different tire/wheel setup and these are the take-offs. $500. If you want to pick up prior to WF, I'm in Indianapolis.
  2. grandy_xj

    Wtb - 97+ gray rear passenger seatbelt

    Looking for a 97+ gray rear passenger seatbelt. Will be there Friday morning. Thanks!
  3. grandy_xj


    i don't have mud tires but I have a locker, rockers and winch. Is it ok to do the medium trail? I've been to badlands before, what trails will medium include?
  4. grandy_xj

    FS: RE 3.5" springs and Adj Track Bar

    Rubicon Express 3.5" springs and adjustable track bar. I just upgraded my whole suspension, so these extras are taking up space. Springs probably need repainted, they have some corrosion, but no sag. The track bar is in good shape, has heim joint, not double shear. $100 for both - local pick up...
  5. grandy_xj

    Badlands GPX file?

    Does anyone have a GPX file of the Badlands trails? I found one online, but it is for a motorcycle route.
  6. grandy_xj

    10 Spoke Aluminum XJ wheels

    I have a set of the 10 spoke aluminum XJ wheels for sale. How about $80 or trade for?
  7. grandy_xj

    WTT - Need Front Driveshaft

    I am looking for a front driveshaft that is in half way decent shape. I am rebuilding mine and don't have all the parts yet. It' s supposed to snow a bunch tonight and I have to go work out in the middle of nowhere this weekend and next week. I have a set of 10 spoke aluminum XJ wheels to trade...
  8. grandy_xj

    JCR Transfer Case Skidplate - NP231 $100

    JCR XJ transfercase skidplate for NP231. My replacement XJ has a different transfercase, so I'm selling this one. I had it on for about 1 year, I don't think it even has a scratch. Local pick up only.
  9. grandy_xj

    Old & New XJ's

    Well, my black xj took a crap after 230k, antifreeze in the oil. I have removed just about everything from the dead Jeep to the white Jeep. Starter, ps pump, new exhaust, optima yellow top, new charging cables Only things left are the lift kit and snorkel. I am waiting on warmer weather to do...