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  1. 97XJ2

    FS: WJ Knuckles

    I have decided that the whole WJ steering/brake upgrade is further down the line/more than I need at this point and these guys are just taking up room in the shop. My usual P&P yard would get $24 each so that plus shipping? What's fair?
  2. 97XJ2

    WTB: Assorted stuff, Header panel, accessory drive, 97+

    So in November I hit that deer. Finally getting around to getting parts together. Below is all the stuff I need to put it back together, I know some won't be available second hand. It is my fully inclusive list though. I am eliminating the mechanical fan and air conditioning. Engine / Accessory...
  3. 97XJ2

    FS: Tow hook brackets and hooks

    Rusty's tow hook brackets and tow hooks. Will include hardware and hit them with a coat of paint. Same as all the other tow hook setups that work with the front bumper brackets. Check their site out for pics. If you keep your front bumper covers they can be cleanly modded to work with the hooks...
  4. 97XJ2

    FS: RC Wheel Spacers

    Rough Country Wheel spacers 5x4.5" 1.5" deep. Set of four. Spec's on RC's website. $90?
  5. 97XJ2

    2011 Burton Custom w/ Cartel Bindings

    2011 Burton Custom w/ Cartel Bindings. 162W: Fits 150-200 lb rider, Wide for larger feet. Cartel: Large, size 10+ foot Great shape, fresh wax on it. No nicks or scratches. It's a great carving/fast board. Uses Burton's EST system, Willing to separate board/bindings. Sorry for the cell picture...
  6. 97XJ2

    What have you driven in your lifetime?

    I thought it would be cool to start a new thread and see what everyone has driven/owned since this is going on a little bit in the "Bar Fight" thread. I'm sure some of you have had some sweet or interesting rides. Only four and two wheeled road going motor vehicles, I'm leaving out 4-wheelers...
  7. 97XJ2

    WTB & Sell/ Trade, Stuff to lift my XJ again

    So figure I'm gonna be at about 4" of lift. Needs: Leafs springs (Consider AAL on my upcountry's since they only have 10k miles on them) Possible d-shafts? (will a stock one with SYE work?) 33" tires, 15" or 16" rim Needs rims if 16" tires are found Front Control Arms Can Sell: Pending I find...
  8. 97XJ2

    FS: 2002 WJ, damaged

    You've seen the pictures, salvaged price is $1500. Good running 4.7L HO. Move quick or it goes to scrap
  9. 97XJ2

    Quadradrive NP247 Question

    Anybody heard of these having problems like the NP249's (Quadratrac's in the ZJ's). Its a clutch pack in the 247 vs. a viscous coupling in the 249. I did a google and there didn't seem to be as many direct hits as for the ZJ 249. And for that matter how bout the whole Quadradrive system with...
  10. 97XJ2

    Feeler: 1997 2DR XJ (Flex, look at this!)

    I'm putting this out here to see if I can get a reasonable price for my XJ. I would like to pick up John's (lesslimited), and maybe get someone to buy mine. I've posted plenty of pics, and can put up more here if needed. You'd get the XJ as is minus my CB set-up, 5-90 secondary wiring set-up...
  11. 97XJ2

    FS: NP242 w/RE H&T Installed

    Currently don't have the use for it, I turned out not to need it for the time being when I lifted. And cash is worth more to me at this point than having a chunk of metal in my basement. Chain feels good and tight, I bought it off of 85xjwoody on here. Make a legit offer.
  12. 97XJ2

    Something all people should watch, good logic here!

    If only it were this easy to learn about forums. I did run a search for it, since it has been around since August.
  13. 97XJ2

    Up Country Leafs + Add a leaf?

    Okay, haven't seen it covered. I have fresh leaf packs in my XJ (5000 mi's) If i were to get a lift with an Add-a-leaf how does that work with the Up Country leaf as far as advertised lift goes? Will it still provide the advertised lift or a little less? Up Country Leafs have more "free arch"...
  14. 97XJ2

    WTB: Gas Tank Skid

    Just as it says, the P-N-P takes out the gas tanks and I haven't seen skids around. Factory or Aftermarket +97 Thanks
  15. 97XJ2

    FS: Auburn LSD, Seats, Etc

    I have for sale an Auburn Limited Slip, I have never installed it but was told it has about 1,500 miles on it. For 29 spline 8.25. $250. Soon available are the front seats out of my rig, Grey cloth, okay upholstery. Clincher-they will not have the bases to go with. Make offer. Also anybody...
  16. 97XJ2

    ZJ D44 Disk Brake swap

    I visited my pick-n-pull today to see a lot of ZJ's (all C4C vehicles) some with the D44A and some with the D35 rear axle. My question is: Would grabbing the disks off of the D44's be any improvement over the D35 disks? I didn't have a tape measure to get the rotor diameter or the proper tools...
  17. 97XJ2

    Looking For: 2 dr XJ

    Well, the powers at be allow me to look for another 2dr to add to the stable of one. Preferring 97+ and cleanish. Keep your eye's out, and thanks!
  18. 97XJ2

    Email Tech: Thunderbird, gmail etc.

    Here's the thought, I just got my new cell plan with the local carrier with email. I think I would like to have a desktop based client for more/easier functions (from home) than web based. (Thunderbird because its free and appears to be reviewed better than outlook) My hotmail/msn account is...
  19. 97XJ2

    FREE JEEP (its a YJ tho) For those of you looking to find the perfect woman too.
  20. 97XJ2

    Pipeline Trip (July 11 or 12?)

    Well with the recent addition of all these Wisconsin members. And one of them showing interest in a pipeline trip. I thought I would put this out here for all to see. The tenative date was set for one either the 11 or 12. If you would like to make it, post up and let us know. I know its a zoo on...