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    wheeling 9/24 * 9/25 ???

    Anyone want to go wheelin this weekend? Thinking about heading somewhere, just not sure where yet. any one......?????
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    moab camping ???

    trying to plan a camping trip to moab soon. Anyone have some cool spots to set up camp? will be in a pop up camper and will have a 24' trailer with some toys (utv & atv) on it. do NOT want a "camp ground" place. Looking for free/open/no gates or them there things. Always hotel-ed it when I have...
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    4.88 for the 8.25

    Does anyone know if anyone makes 4.88 gears for the 8.25 rear end?:helpme:
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    NP231 question

    If i have a np231 (21 spline i think) t-case w/ SYE in a 90 xj, could i swap it out to use in a 98 xj with a np231 23 spline t-case? Or will that just not work?
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    skyjacker lift quest.

    Just picked up a 98 with the skyjacker rock ready 6" kit on it. Never ran skyjacker before so i was wondering if this kit is ok for what it is or is it crap-o-la and will need to be scraped? It does make the every day clunking and squeeeking, but isnt tht normal?? Also, does any one have any...
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    rear seat ???

    Ok, so i got me a 98 xj last night and it is missing the rear seat. My question is this... is it possible to put in a zj rear seat so i can have the 70/30 split? Or will that just simply not work? Also, will any year xj rear seat fit or do i have to get one from a 96+ thanks for the help:wave:
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    Delima, Help

    Ok, i have a 90 xj that i use to wheel and not afraid to beat up if need be. Its a 4.5" short arm on 33's, geared, locked and rolling on alloys F&R. I just got 6.5" set up with a long arm kit and a sye that i have yet to install. My wife has a zj with 4.5" RE LA on 33's that we call her mall...
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    what shocks for 6.5"

    What is an "afordable" shock for an xj with 6.5" of lift? I tryed searching, but only came up with 2 - 4.5" stuff. Sorry for the lack of info, but thats pretty much all i have:roll: this is a trail only rig, so ride quality isnt a huge deal. It drives to/from trails and thats all the pavement...
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    long arm question

    Ok, so im trying to lift the xj to 6.5" and make it a long arm set up. My question is this. I already have the rustys 4.5" lift and i was planing on moving up to 6.5" on a budget. What else needs to be done? This is what i was looking to get: long arm kit sye ds 2" rear shackles 6.5" coils new...
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    drive shaft question

    I did some searching but couldnt find what i was looking for so here is my questions. i have a 90 xj witha D35 in it. I am swaping it out for a 8.25 this weekend and im pretty sure that the drive shaft should work. My question is this, i am currently at 4.5" lift but would like to get 1.5"...
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    ps pump question

    I just replaced my ps gear box with the durango box. Works great, but im still having some issues with turning. When i try to turn with out my foot on the gas, it is hard to turn. Would this be the pump going out? I thought it was the gear box because it was leaking like a sive, but now the box...
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    ps gear box

    Ok, swaped out my leaking ps gear box for a reman one. Got the pinch bolt tight, the lines back on, the 3 side bolts in and the pitman arm nut this far does anyone have any ideas as to get it further up? Or is that as far as it goes? im a noob, so please help:dunno:
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    noob questions here

    got a 90 xj and was wondering how much fluid goes into the diffs? Im guessing its 2.5 qt. right? i know its a stupid question, but this is my first jeep