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    Total Fab Solutions/4+trailproducts

    Hey all, Just had a nice chat with Chris over at Total Fabrication Solutions down in the Springs. What a great shop! Chris was extremely easy to talk to and is a cherokee addict to boot. Any custom work you need done...armor, turbo kits for the 4 litre, bumbers, name it. Saw a...
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    Not turning off?

    So take a trip to the autoparts store for my rear main and one piece oil pan gasket. Cruise to my buddies house, go to turn the ol' heep off and...drum roll doesn't turn off! VICTORY! :yelclap: NOT. :gonnablow The key will not turn to the off position. dont worry, I got the key...
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    RMS Advice

    So, the rear end of the ol' 4.0L decided to slowly bleed... I am aware of the extensive write ups and threads devoted to this specific procedure, however with the wealth of knowledge that this chapter contains, I was hoping for a few "tips and tricks," if you will... Thanks! Cameron