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    Help settle an argument...PLEASE

    help me settle an argument is there any change in lenghts between any 4 door and 2 door cherokee bumper to bumper? please help me a guy at work wont leave me alone about it and its starting to get on my nerves and im almost ready to beat him and loose my job and that would be bad. so please help...
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    Brake problem! HELP!!!

    Heres a scenario for you guys.(tried searching but function is down). After exploding a factory brake line I switched to steel, When I bleed the breaks I have perfect preasure in all 4 bleeders, When I bleed the MC perfect preasure in both lines(bench bleeding and mounted). When I start the...
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    I searched and found most of the info I wanted or needed except for one crutial thing for front leaf spring conversion...Front leaf springs. I have a set of rear 91 wrangler measuring 43inches eye to eye, That will work with what I've already done, I was just curious on what you other guys used...
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    Rear disks?

    Hey guys I was thinking about rear disks today and then it hit me I have all the disk break parts from a broken left over D30 and was wonderig if it would be possible to remove the disk parts and then put them on the rear D44 Im using I know I would probablly have to weld and fabricate brackets...
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    Brake lines

    Hey guys im looking for some extended brake line options. I read in a post a while back that you could use TJ or YJ lines to get more play in the cherokee anyone know whats up with that? I ordered some stainless steel braided ones from pro-comp and when I took them out of the package they were...
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    Upper Control Arm Q's

    Im starting on some new control arms and I was just wondering if anyone could help me with some hints on the upper control arm mount. I'm talking about the end of the arm that hooks to the axle what do I do to make it mount like the stock ones do? Any help would be appreciated. Also im working...