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  1. xjj33p3r

    Jeep Cherokee WIKIPEDIA

    Check out the first paragraph of the Jeep Cherokee Wikipedia site. I knew I felt good about owning a Cherokee for SOME reason :firedevil
  2. xjj33p3r

    4 Boggers and Wheels

    I've got the boggers on my trail jeep for sale. Basically brand new, tons of tread left, and some slight rock rash. I wouldn't recommend these for a street jeep, as they are LOUD, and impossible to balance. I had about 4 runs on these tires, with some city driving, but nothing more than about...
  3. xjj33p3r

    Steering box issues.

    I'm thinking that my steering box is plugged with something, mainly a small piece of plastic. The way I discovered this is after my jeep won't turn at all with weight on the tires. With the tires jacked up in the air, they will turn, but fluid comes out of the pump cap because of the pressure...
  4. xjj33p3r

    Adequate tranny replacement

    I've been having problems for the past few years with the transmission in my cherokee, the AW-4. It's a nice auto tranny when it's rebuilt, but after a few wheeling trips, it seems to just give up, and shift hard into 'D' and 'R', and take it's sweet time when it comes to shifting when it...
  5. xjj33p3r

    The Wheelin Ranch April 22nd

    Hey there. Need some people to join us up in Nocona, Texas this Saturday. The more the better. Just PM me or post on here if you are interested in coming along.
  6. xjj33p3r

    Jump video If it's a repost, whatever, but that guy is nuts. I hope he's having fun replacing all the sh*t he bent up.
  7. xjj33p3r

    Why poly bushings suck... *video*

    Listen for the squeaks, it's all the poly bushings
  8. xjj33p3r

    front 44 question

    I got a front hipinion 44 out of a late 70's bronco, and I wanted to know if it's possible to use the RE/Clayton axle bracket kit to put this under my jeep. I'm not sure if it's got the cast mounts or not, which is why I'm asking to begin with. thanks
  9. xjj33p3r

    Daily Drivers

    Post up your daily drivers and jeeps, lets see what people drive around town
  10. xjj33p3r

    Power steering fluid looking iffy

    I just swapped out my steering box for another, and when I filled it up to cycle the steering, the fluid came out like this, full of bubbles. Any ideas why it's doing this? Could it be that water got into the box?
  11. xjj33p3r

    Axle swap started

    Sans axle: I'll post up pictures of what's going in later on...
  12. xjj33p3r

    Overkill Engineering Anyone seen these axles yet? I don't really know what to make of them, but they look pretty interesting.
  13. xjj33p3r

    My jeep is no longer my daily driver

    What should be the first mod as a trail queen? Doors are coming off shortly, but does anyone have any more ideas?
  14. xjj33p3r

    Scout 44

    I might be able to score a Scout rear d44 for nearly nothing, and I wanted to know if there were any downsides to purchasing this thing. It's either I get that, or a 9, but the 9 would cost me a bit more.
  15. xjj33p3r

    Rusty's "HD" tracbar end snapped

    Went wheeling in Nocona this weekend, and I had a blast, but towards the end of the day, the bushing on the frame end of my jeep crapped out before I noticed anything, and I came down hard and snapped the threaded part off :flamemad: I ended up using a TRE as a replacement piece, and wouldn't...
  16. xjj33p3r

    Removing a cross pin

    I'm in the process of installing a lock rite, but I can't get the damn cross pin out so I can remove the cross shaft. Any ideas on what to use in order to hammer it out?
  17. xjj33p3r

    Removing the cross pin

    I'm in the process of installing a lock rite, but I can't get the damn cross pin out so I can remove the cross shaft. Any ideas on what to use in order to hammer it out?
  18. xjj33p3r

    Rear Tow Hook Brackets

    I've been searching around and I haven't been able to find a dealer for rear tow hooks. Does anyone know where to get some?
  19. xjj33p3r

    $850-$1200 for an interior cage

    I just called up a local company that would be able to custom design/install/paint a cage for the interior of my jeep. DOM .120" I think is what he said. He quoted me (roughly) $850 to cover all the passengers and driver, which would just include the front and rear seats. $1200 or so if I wanted...
  20. xjj33p3r

    Sluggish Acceleration

    Anyone have any ideas as to what could cause sluggish and jittery acceleration when you floor it from a stop? My jeep seemed to be struggling with the bigger tires on, and I think it may have to do with TPS sensor, since the tranny shifts hard into second gear. Any ideas? It's an AW4 tranny, and...