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  1. Slonopotam

    For sale 1996 Jeep Cherokee

    4.0, 2 door, 4wd, manual transmission, 202000 miles. Clean title, current registration. Smogged Autumn 2016. - 3.5” Rubicon Express lift kit full leaves (RE6030?), adjustable upper arms(RE3780?) - NP231 transfer case -- Teralow (/4 low gear) -- tera2low -- Novak shifting (unfinished) - Tom...
  2. Slonopotam

    Rear shock upper mount broke by itself

    Hi, Yesterday, as I was driving out of my garage I heard a thumping noise coming from behind. Turns out the rear shock upper mount broke. How could this happen? I have not driven the jeep offroad for a few years...
  3. Slonopotam

    Cracking headers

    Hi, In the 10 years that I have owned and 100,000 miles that I've driven on my '96 Cherokee, I cracked 2 headers. First was stock, I think, and the next one was APN. Come to think about it, I probably drove on cracked headers for most of those 10 years. The crack I saw this week while bleeding...
  4. Slonopotam

    Front Bilstein 5100 install question

    Hi, I installed 5100 on the front today. When I tried to tighten the top nut, the bolt protruding from the shock started to rotate freely. I noticed there was an internal hex on it, so I held the bolt still with a hex key. Why was it rotating? Was it some kind of adjustment? Thank you, Andrey
  5. Slonopotam

    DPG bumpstops

    Hi, DPG Offroad bumstop plates has been out of stock for a while. I called DPG a few minutes ago and they said if somebody put a group buy of 40 items, they will produce it. So how do we organize something like that around here ? Thank you, Andrey
  6. Slonopotam

    Want feedback on 4 links systems.

    Hi, I do not see a lot of feedback on 4 link suspensions. I am specifically interested in synergy, full traction and froehlich.
  7. Slonopotam

    31" vs 33" on a snow or icy road

    Hi, Assuming the same tire width, which tire would perform better on a snow covered (plowed!) or icy highway, 33" or 31" ? How big is the difference ? I am specifically interested in BF Goodrich All-Terrain. Thank you
  8. Slonopotam

    broken leaf

    Hi, Last weekend, after a 2 year pause, I went to an off-road trip and managed to brake a main leaf on my RE 3.5 spring. Sadly, the manager of my apartment does not allow me to work on my jeep in the parking lot since last spring. I am looking for a place in the south bay to work on my jeep...
  9. Slonopotam

    Broke RE leaf

    Hi, This weekend on a trail the main leaf on my RE 3.5" spring broke. The spring came with an RE lift kit, which was installed 6 years ago. Is it to be expected ? It feels like the jeep sits lower than it was 6 years ago, which is understandable. Do I replace just one leaf spring, or do I...
  10. Slonopotam

    Residue in intake

    Hi, I am replacing my cracked header. Took the intake today, both intake and intake ports(??) have a lot of black stuff in it. 1. What is it ? Is it normal ? If not, how do I prevent it from building up ? 2. Should I clean it up ? How ? Degreaser or air intake cleaner ...
  11. Slonopotam

    Brown dog engine mount looks funny

    Hi, I got my brown dog mounts installed at a shop. The driver side looks a bit funny. Is it normal ?
  12. Slonopotam

    part # for o-rings in the fuel line

    Hi, I am about to replace the exhaust header. FSM says "before connecting the fuel lines to the fuel rail replace the o-rings in the quick-connect fuel line couplings". I can't find part numbers for those o-rings. It's a 96 XJ, 4.0, manual, if it matters. Could somebody tell me the part...
  13. Slonopotam

    Rubicon express meets parking lot

    The bolt of a RE sway bar link snapped while getting out of my parking space over a shallow runnel. Replaced original 8.8 bolts coarse threads with 10.8 fine threads ones after that.
  14. Slonopotam

    Gone fishing No need to state the obvious.
  15. Slonopotam

    2'5" rear bumpstop extensions

    Hi, 2'5" rear bumpstop extensions. I think it is Tomken, but not sure. Free, pick up them yourself in Santa Clara, 95051. Thank you, Andrey
  16. Slonopotam

    Some flashlight
  17. Slonopotam

    A ramp in Santa Clara/Sunnyvale/San Jose?

    Hi, Need a ramp to check whether drive shaft hits exhaust pipe at full flex. Anybody knows one ? Drove around tonight, all the loading docks I saw are with safety rails, can't flex there. Thank you, Andrey
  18. Slonopotam

    How stock is this exhaust?

    Hi, I've got a strange assortment of tubes for exhaust, wondering which part of it is stock. All dimensions under the hood are approximate - could not get close enough. The header looks stock, 1.5" tubes go to cylinders, joined by 2" tubes, which go into collector. Could not get the diameter...
  19. Slonopotam


    Has somebody had any experience with that project or may be you know something better ? I was thinking about putting wi-fi module in my jeep, connecting to my home network. Connection lost => time to go out and check things. In-dash camera transferring the image...
  20. Slonopotam

    You tax dollars at work.