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  1. jeepersanch

    Dana 30 27/Spline DETROIT E-Z LOCKER

    Selling a used Detroit E-Z Locker for a Dana 30 27/spline. less than 5k on it and still works good. buying a different type of locker. I am asking 200/or reasonable offer + shipping anywhere in lower 48. :thumbup:
  2. jeepersanch

    Dana 30 Spartan Locker problems?!?HELP!

    So I just installed my spartan locker in my D30 on my 97 XJ. as soon as I drove off to test drive, I had SEVERE steering issues!!! My steering was being thrown from side to side and it was like I had no power steering. I HAVE ZERO ISSUES with my steering components. this only started AFTER I...
  3. jeepersanch

    Installing Spartan Locker in c-8.25 w/ 4.56

    SO... I ran into a snag. I have the C-8.25 on my 97 XJ. I have 4.56 gears in it. I am installing the Spartan Locker in it. My problem is, My ring gear, since it is now 4.56, is really thick!!! I cannot remove/install the center pin without removing the Ring gear. With the Locker in, I cannot get...
  4. jeepersanch

    96' AW4 to 97' XJ HELP!!!

    I ended up finding a 96' XJ tranny AW4 for my 97' XJ. does anyone have a diagram of the Transmission Solonoid Sensor connector and the Transmission Range Sensor connector? I need to splice these into the 97'. Please help...
  5. jeepersanch

    00'AW4 to 97' XJ wiring issues?!?!?!?

    :helpme::helpme::helpme::helpme::helpme:Ok fellow XJers. I am in quite the jam. I have my annual jeep trip coming up and I have a rather big problem on my hands. I installed an AW4 from a 2000 XJ into my 97 XJ. Problem is that the plugs did not match up from the tranny to the TCU. I found...