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  1. dbswede

    stolen red heep

    Hey everbody... Haven't posted since 2009....unfortunately the kid was driving the xj downtown Colorado springs and somebody stole it. Pics are with doors off but it has doors on it now (slightly diff color than stock red color)... telltale signs: old 35 retreads from south dakota...
  2. dbswede

    mounts for a tj bumper

    I know some of you guys spend time on other boards...could some of you guide me to some links on rear bumper builds for tj's...specifically the way they mount to the frame as the stock mounting points look pretty weak. Thanks dbswede
  3. dbswede

    schumacher mig welder

    Any on know about this company/ model...I have a chance to get one used..."Schumacher 180 Turbo" model 90131... are parts going to be available if/when it breaks.... thanks
  4. dbswede

    iron chest

    Thinking about running this sat...what is it like? Locally have done chinamens, eaglerock (inluding obstacle @ serran (sp) wrap)....looking for somthing new and a little harder.... 32's locker up front and 8.8 with limited slip. thanks dbswede
  5. dbswede

    Seth Stantons Compadres (sp?)

    Frank Z is collecting items for a care package for Seth Stantons (RIP) unit on another post (I dont know how to link)...I will be at the meet and greet on sat at D&B's lets get some items collected and I will bring back to the springs. dana
  6. dbswede

    Wheeling on may 11

    My son is off from D-11 (springs) tomorrow, any one want to run up to eaglerock or maybe chinamans...I worked the day off and dont really want to wheel would be good to meet a/some local naxja guys. dbswede
  7. dbswede

    commanche 2wd to 4wd

    What does it take to convert a 92 commanche with a 5 sp trans to 4 wd. I can guess a front axle (I have a 30) and a transfer case...what kind of fab work is required? thanks
  8. dbswede

    6 inch lift and driveshafts hel

    I just went from a 4 1/2" lift (sagging badly) in the rear to a (bds)5 " I am running a extended shackle already (5" attained 6" rear lift). Any how I moved about 20 ft to test and the drive line fell out. I am also running a fabricated 1" t case drop which is welded in (the origional bolts...
  9. dbswede

    bds 5" leafs

    any body tried these leafs? I currently have rough country that are sagging. Predator has them 165 a side.
  10. dbswede


    any spring guys on? what the name of the jeep dealer on woodman, I need to call parts dpart. thanks
  11. dbswede

    china gulch

    Want to go to china gulch on 1/6 any one have any info on conditions? Any one want to go?
  12. dbswede

    d 30 front lock-rite and a blizzard

    I have read many posts on the drivability issues of a front locker and I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents after our big colorado blizzard....I noticed no negatives and only positives while driving on snowy and or icy roads. The negatives that I have read in posts are that the vehicle becomes...
  13. dbswede

    dana 30 upgrade

    I plan on going to 33"s and keep reading how the dana 30 is not quite up to this task.........what do you pull a 44 out of to put in the front of a much modification is needed? how readily are they available? thanks
  14. dbswede

    4.5 " lift needs help

    I have read posts about building bastard packs to gain lift...I have a 4.5"-5" lift that needs help in the rear when loaded down to wheel....could I add a leaf out of an s-10 or somthing to gain lift under is a re lift that is starting to sag............ thanks
  15. dbswede

    dana 30 axles

    I hae a 93 xj with a dana 30 high pinion front axle....I bought a parts 96 xj...I pulled the axle shafts (front) today and they hae some gizmo around the stubb shaft (I would guess for anti-lock brakes)...are these compatable with my 93 dana 30 axles? thanks
  16. dbswede

    drop pitman arm and adjustable trac bar

    tell me to search.......... just put a adjustable track bar (5" lift) and a drop pitman arm on my 93 xj.......... the alignment person I was counting on is out for a week.....can I ball park the alignment myself??? thanks
  17. dbswede

    8.8 rear e- brake

    I'm sure I will be told to search (I am still learning) but I need a link or advice on how to fab a e-brake for my 93 xj with a ford 8.8 rear (previous owner just cut every thing out) I start with an explorer e-brake or an xj...thanks dbswede
  18. dbswede

    ball joint replacement

    sorry I posted the first title on the wrong we go again...I have done a search on ball joints and it is too general.....could sombody send me a thread on ball joint replacement for a 93 xj??????????? thanks dbswede
  19. dbswede

    ball joint replacement

    I know that I will be told to search (I have searched ball joints and it is too general)...anyhow will sombody send me a link/thread to balljoint replacement (93 xj)....thanks for any help dbswede
  20. dbswede

    88 xj

    2nd owner: 187 k, 4.0 , auto ,30 front, 35 rear..all open bad things: blow by...failed clear coat (red) some dw.. new exaust leak (replace cracked ex man. jan) Good things: 3" lift: shocks, front springs, aal rear, 31"s added last aug....k&n cone filter still runs good, needs a little tlc, I...