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    Wide chain kit... just curious.

    Considering getting another 231 case and putting a wide chain kit and sye in it. Just wondering if I just have to change the chain and gears, or if I also need a 231d case half as well. My friend at the trans shop says I do, but I haven't heard any mention of that in any of the wide chain kit...
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    Seat covers...

    My XJ had a set of tan and black wet okole seat covers in it when I bought it, but they are in fact very dirty. I was told that you clean them with soap and water on the seat but am not too fond of that idea. Is it safe to get these things dry cleaned,or will it screw them up?
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    Another Xj/ Jk parts swap question.

    Anyone tried to install Jk d30 outers on an XJ d30 for the bigger brakes and crossover steering yet? I'm thinking it may be as simple as just installing Jk ball joints in my d30 to swap the outers over, but figured I'd ask before I spent a bunch of money on ball joints I couldn't use. And the...
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    00' xj idles higher as it warms up, wtf?

    Just bought my 00' xj. 4.0, aw4, 242, 8 inch crusty's lift, poweraid tbs. Got a cel a week after I bought it, hooked up the scan tool ( I work at a dodge dealership), tps was bad. I replaced it. Shifts right now, but as the engine warms up the idle steadily increases up to 1200 rpm and thats...
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    Renix to H.O. T.P.S adaptation

    Here's the deal, i have an 87 cherokee, 4.0, aw4, 231, w/ 8.25 that I swapped in. At 285,xxx miles my motor is getting tired and i bought a 1999 4.0 with 45,ooo miles on it for $75. I have everything adapted to make it run correctly with the '99 head , intake, and exhaust manifold. The only...