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    leak Detection pump 01 Cherokee

    I need a leak Detection pump for an 01 Cherokee, the little pump on the passenger side firewall engine bay that makes that clicking sound. Thanks Frank
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    low pinion D30 u bolt conversion

    I'm installing a u bolt conversion on a low pinion Dana 30. I know on a high pinion 30 it's. As simple as removing to old nut & yoke, installing the new yoke, torque the nut to spec. Is the low pinion any different? What is involved? Thanks in advance!
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    00 np242 rear output seal

    I replaced my damaged np242 with a junkyard case, I opened it up/inspected/resealed case/hack& tapped it/replaced seals. When installing the rear output seal I noticed it went in too easy, I mean I could press it in by hand, so I spread some ultra black RTV in the opening before setting the seal...
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    leak checking junkyard transfer case

    I looked around my local jy & all the transfer cases are greasy/grimy looking. Is there any way to leak check junkyard transfer cases? I thought about clamping a tire valve in some tubing onto the transfer case vent & pumping it up to 5psi & seeing if it holds. What do you guys think? I don't...
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    pitman arm master splines ground down

    Does anyone Sell a Dropped Pitman arm (i currently run a ZJ arm) that has the master splines ground down to allow it to be indexed freely? I did a wj brake/steering conversion using the JKS tie rod/drag link & it does not have enough adjustment to get the steering wheel perfectly straight, it's...
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    WTB L & R Late model Headlight Bezels

    Looking for Headlight Bezels both sides for an 01, preferably Silver but will take what I can get. Thanks Frank
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    crappy crown RHD drag link replacement

    I have to replace the RHD drag link (Crown p/n 52088512) I used on my WJ brake/steering conversion for the 2nd time, is there a better made part available out there. Is it feasible to take a moog rod end & heat & bend it into the proper shape? Will it be safe? Will the heat weaken the metal...
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    RE CA Drop Brackets, LCA too tight?

    I replaced some badly corroded RC drop brackets with a new set of RE DB, Seems the RE lower control arm pockets in the brackets are too tight, I had to spread them open a bit just to get the LCA into the bracket, I'm sure they would fit better if I removed the caster adjusting insert, but the RE...
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    light coating of fluid on AW4 output shaft

    I have my transfer case down & noticed a coating of gTranny fluid on the AW4 output shaft, is this normal or is there some seal that needs to be replaced?
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    thread locker on oil pan bolts

    Having a little debate with a buddy. thread locker on oil pan bolts? Will they work lose without it? The reason I ask is that I was taught if you're using a new one piece oil pan gasket (like the fel-pro blue gasket) they have "crush washers" built into them- you torque to spec & that's it, no...
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    shackles, OEM.

    Looking for some stock XJ shackles. I'm overhauling & De-Rusting my jeep, I ordered a couple of standard shackles from Amazon, the quality was so bad (the bushings were falling out of them) I sent them back. Hopefully one of you guys has a couple of shackles around you can sell. Please PM me...
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    paint over powder coat?

    I have some rough country control arm drop brackets that (due to road salt + beach use) have corroded heavily. Seems like the powder coating flaked loose & the metal corroded away under it. I have a new set of powder coated Rubicon Express CR Drop brackets I plan on installing. question, is...
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    Oil Pan Painted on inside?

    I purchased an Used great condition Oil pan off of e-bay last week that has been bead blasted & painted, Is the inside of the oil pan supposed to be painted? As the synthetic oil in the engine starts to strip off the paint, will the paint screw up the oil? Should I just strip off the paint...
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    WJ Steering conversion, Distance between tie rod Studs?

    I'm assisting a buddy in his quest for brakes & steering on his 00 XJ, My truck is parked 165 Miles away from my current location so I can't measure my own truck. I'm roughly dialing in the steering pre-alignment. Using the JKS tie rod & WJ rod ends I need the distance from end to end from the...
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    rusty axle shafts

    Wire wheel the rust, Apply POR15, new u-joints OR just replace them? What do you guys say?
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    oil pan, replace or patch up

    I'm prepping my 01 XJ for winter, removing rust from anywhere I find it & applying POR15 to end it for good. My question is about the oil pan, it has a few bad rust spots, no where is oil leaking through but a few spots seem thin after removing the flaking rust, should I spread some JB weld...
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    brake failure due to large leak

    01 XJ, 4" lift, 32" tires, WJ front brake conversion, 98 GC rear disc brake conversion. I drove through some accident debris, something bounced off the roadway & put a hole in the passenger side front brake hose; pedal went to the floor "no brakes" Luckily I had room to coast dropping the...
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    MOOG Unit Bearing?

    Has anyone ever had any experience with MOOG Unit Bearings? As good as Timken?
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    track bar build

    I have a few feet of 1.25od .75 Id dom tubing laying around, could I just purchase a couple of 3/4 heims & thread the tubing, would this be strong enough for track bar use?
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    Windshield frame rust

    I have a bit of rust (About 8" bad area) on the passenger side of the windshield frame near the roof line, I used the wire wheel to clean it up a bit, Here are a few photos. The rest of the frame looks fine. I know POR-15 will stop the rust; Will using the silver (It is recommended for rusty...