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    I have 15 dark balls, but only 10 light balls...

    I'm in the process of tapping my steering box for hydro assist on my 99 XJ w/the 4.0. Upon disassembly, I gathered up all of the ball bearings (I was extremely anal about making sure they were contained and that none were lost). I ended up with 15 dark balls, but only 10 silver balls. I should...
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    Deaver clearance issues

    After a couple of runs on my new Deaver G9 leaf pack, I've realized there is a clearance issue with the front spring eye and the floorboard above. My springs have "self-clearanced" the floor board (I.e. Pushed floor up) just above the front spring hanger. It's starting to look a little rough and...
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    Where are you buying your Deavers

    I'm getting ready to purchase some Deaver G09 leaf springs for the XJ. I did a quick google search and found a few possible dealers, but figured I'd ask the Jeepspeed folks to see if anyone had any suggestions. Input appreciated!
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    Blowing fuses in 4 low

    I've searched and cannot seem to find anything. The past 2 times Ive put it in 4 low I have blown fuse #21 (20 amp) in the PDC. When this happened I was going uphill with moderate throttle applied. I can beat on it in 2 and 4 high no problem, even in 4 low on flat ground it doesn't occur, but...
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    8.25 Cross Shaft play

    I just picked up a used 29 spline 8.25 with 4.56 gears and an Aussie locker, and decided to convert it to disc brakes before I swapped it in. Everything went smooth, but upon reassembling the Aussie, I noticed the cross shaft has some play up and down when i push on either of the exposed ends of...
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    Welded on my problems

    So I was finishing up my rocker replacement today and had been welding away and needed to move my jeep closer to the welder to tack the (passenger) front fender to the new rocker. Fired it up and it was running great like always. Tacked the fender onto the rocker and then jumped in to move it...
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    WTB/WTT: Ford 8.8 31 Spline Open Carrier

    I'm looking for a Ford 8.8 31 spline open carrier. I have a 8.8 LSD with 3.73 R&P I would be willing to trade for just an open carrier, or I'll buy one outright. Please let me know what you've got, or if you know of someone who has one. Thanks!
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    WTB D30 housing or whole

    I'm looking for a non-disco HP D30 housing. I really only need the housing, but I'd take a complete axle if the price is right. It must: -be straight -have all brackets/mounts -preferably not too beat up
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    D30 Goodies (Truetrac, Riddler Cover, Gears)

    Detroit Truetrac-$175: D30, 27 spline, 3.73&up gears. Low miles, approx. 4,000 Riddler Diff Cover-$60: D30, Good condition, Hardware included 3.73 Ring and Pinion-$25: LP D30 I will be in Phoenix picking up some parts on Sunday, so if you are interested, we can meet on Sunday.
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    Comp4x4 Dual Shear Face Mount Tire Carrier Hinge

    I purchased this to build my own tire carrier, welded it to my bumper and started on the carrier. Then my wife told me she bought me a C-Rok carrier for my birthday :D, so I cut this off and now have no use for it. It was welded on, so its not perfect, but I cleaned it up and it is ready to be...
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    Battery boxes....will they fit?

    I'm looking to buy an aftermarket battery box for my 99 4.0 aw4 xj. My stock tray is cracked, and I'm missing the hold down bar. I like the Ballistic/Blue Torch/Dirtbound boxes, but do these fit in the stock battery location? Anybody using one of these, or a version similar to it?
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    Serious Offroad = Great Customer Service!

    I just wanted to share my recent experience with Serious Offroad. I was looking for a part for my Rubicon Express long arm kit, and I was having no luck. I sent an e-mail over to Serious Offroad. I didn't expect a response until the following Monday (I e-mailed on a Saturday). I received a...
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    Vacuum leak at brake booster

    My 99 XJ w/ 4.0 has developed an intermittent vacuum leak at the brake booster fitting where the hose connects to the manifold. Every once in a while, I will get a high idle, ~1500-2000 rpm, if I pop the hood and fiddle with that fitting, it stops. Can the little fitting that come out of the...
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    Loud hiss + couple drops/small puddle of coolant....then nothing?

    99, 4.0, aw4, 4x4 I was driving home from the trail today and heard a loud hissing noise, similar to what a tire with a large hole would make. I immediately pulled over and found a few drops of coolant dripping from what appeared to be the radiator. The hissing had stopped at this point, and...
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    Shed cleanout sale....XJ parts

    All parts are located in Flagstaff. I will ship with USPS flat rate. 1) Door moulding (Grey): Off of a 99. 6 pieces. Faded a bit. $10+shipping 2) Rubicon Express sway bar disconnects: current length is ~9.5" eye-to-eye. One of them has a slight bend in it, but not too bad, I think it could...
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    Flushing/Cleaning cooling system tips needed

    99 xj, 4.0, aw4, 4x4 Since I have owned it (approx. 1000 miles) I have replaced the radiator, waterpump, thermostat, zj fan clutch, and did a coolant system cleaning using the Prestone cleaner and then repeatedly flushing with distilled water until everything was coming out clear. Reason for...
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    Odd HVAC problem

    99, 4.0, aw4, 4x4, 153xxx miles. I'm having issues with my HVAC vents. When turned to face or defrost, a door seems to be sticking shut and I only get loud whistling. When turned to foot, it works great every time, and when turned to blended foot/defrost it seems to help the defrost work...
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    Metal shavings in D30

    First off: 99 XJ, 4.0., AW4, 4x4, stock gears and open carriers. I was out checking all of my fluids on my semi-new-to-me XJ that I have been too busy to do until now. I pulled the fill plug to check the fluid level on my front D30 and the plug had a layer of fine metal shavings on it. I...
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    Which of these would you buy?

    First off, 99 XJ, 4.0, AW4, 4x4, just looking to do a tune up. I'm not looking to start another discussion on spark plugs, I'm set in that category. I just cant decide, I'm asking for your votes. All of them end up around $70 after tax and/or shipping. 1...
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    How to tilt axle back..Help please, the snow is coming.

    First off I've got a 99 XJ, 4.0, 4x4, 5.5" RE long arm lift. I'm new to Jeeps, so this may be something simple. I was just replacing the upper control arm bushings and CAN NOT get the axle to tilt back far enough to get the bolt hole on the arm and bolt hole on the bushing (axle) to line up...