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    LCA removal for TNT y-link

    Bob/Matt/Anyone who has installed the TNT y-link - Did I get enough of the LCA to continue with the install of the arms?
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    Install steps for Rusty's gas tank skid plate

    Got a Rusty's skid because I was to impatient to wait for the Rock Lizard one. Well Rusty's didn't send instructions, just like when I got their tow hook brackets and Adj. spacers. :wierd: Rusty's website doesn't have instructions for the skid. Well here is the question.... If I have a...
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    Found some RE LCA and coil springs

    Went to a garage sale & found some RE fixed LCA which are approx 16" center to center and a pair of 21" coil springs. LCA have the rubber bushings in one end and the spherical bearing assembly on the other. The rubbers look pretty bad, but the bearings function. Lady said they came off her...