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    Spur of the moment ram trip

    I wanna start by saying I apologize for not being around much. The whole having a baby thing has consumed my time. Anyway. I have to get the jeep out at least once to go wheelin. There is a group of us heading to ram off-road park this Sunday if you'd like to join. Dirt bikes and atvs welcome...

    old man Jim needs some help

    Hey guys. Old man Jim (James Grooms) is having breathing problems and has been admitted into the hospital for diagnosis. If you can. Stop by his facebook page and let him know he is in our thoughts. His brother is going to read him the posts. I was going to tell him to get his nitrous tank...

    attn JD!!!!!!!

    happy birthday bud! Hope the pup is doing ok. :party: :party: :party: :cheers:


    :party: Happy birthday you old geezer. :cheers:

    friend that needs help in broomfield

    my friend. Pretty much little brother lives in Broomfield and needs help changing his fuel pump on his 2002 escalade. Can anyone help him out. I'm too far away and I have to go tattoo. Please give me a call if you can help. Cody. 719-330-six214 please and thank you. he does have some money...

    Happy birthday Jeff (planefixer)

    Happy birthday buddy! Hope it's a good one!

    making fiberglass panels?

    Have any of you made a panel out of fiberglass mat and resin? I want to make custom fenders and bed sides for my truck. Kind of hard to explain but they would connect to the existing fenders and would be flared like prerunner fenders. I plan to start by making a card board template. Then...

    In case you missed it. M&G this Saturday!

    Not everyone checks the staging area. So here you go. M&G BBQ this Saturday at Buckin Tattoo. :wave:

    Any interest in building a basic 4 link set up?

    I am ordering parts to bag my chevy. I need a basic 4 link set up built for the rear. Would anyone here want to be involved in such a thing? Lol I didn't put this in the for sale wanted section because its more so an idea in the works but I want a someone I trust to build it. I will be...
  10. KRONIK

    Colorado chapter designs.

    I've been playing with photoshop. Figured I would share the designs with the chapter. I'm going to do more in the near future. First attempt at logo design. A bit busy for t shirts. But worth a share Latest logo design I have a 30 day trial of photoshop and then I will be buying it.
  11. KRONIK

    Ram off road park run. Sunday. Jan 20th

    Have a trip to Ram planned for Sunday Jan 20th. Post up if you want to go. All rigs welcome.
  12. KRONIK

    1988 bagged Chevy. Not a lowrider. But its lower and wider

    This was my dads truck. Since he passed away, it has just been sitting. It hadn't been started in 7+ years. A buddy and I put a battery in and some starting fluid. Fired right up after 7+ years of just sitting. Gotta love Chevys!! Any way. It's an 88 ext cab long bed. 2wd Lots of plans for...
  13. KRONIK

    Tattoo shop grand opening/ M&G. Aug 25.

    There will be a grand opening/ NAXJA M&G on saturday August 25. Noon until midnight. Going to try for a BBQ. Buckin Tattoo 6825 silver ponds heights. Suite 111 Colorado springs CO. 80908 Post up if you have any questions. I will keep the thread updated with any further details!
  14. KRONIK

    CO FEST/CO CHAPTER T-shirt designs.

    I am running late on these t shirt designs I am going to design some new shirts for CO Fest and CO chapter. What I need from the chapter. -input on ideas. What kind of chapter tshirt would you wear? -pictures. If you have an XJ or MJ in the CO chapter. Post up your picture. It MIGHT be used...
  15. KRONIK

    Anyone planning a trip to Co springs from up north?

    Just posting up to see if anyone is planning a trip to the springs soon? I need to find a ride for my steering box from oldman "tom's" house to the springs. Please let me know if you can possibly transport a steering box. Thanks in advance. Cody
  16. KRONIK

    Rip Carroll Shelby. I didn't want to believe it.

    Carroll Shelby passed away...... He died in Dallas Thursday night at age 89. He had been hospitalized for pneumonia R.I.P Legend!
  17. KRONIK

    I need help.

    I'm about to lose everything I've been working so hard for. I now have about 6000$ I have to come up with to get my shop open. I've ran into a whole new Set of problems with the building/legal permit section of having a tattoo shop outside of city limits. Long story short. I no other option...
  18. KRONIK

    did you carve a pumpkin? lets see it!

    just got done with 7 hours of carving.... wanted to do something different. this pumpkin is about 2 1/2 feet around. bio mechanical pumpkin camera couldn't pick up the light very well..... lets see your carving!
  19. KRONIK

    Happy Birthday Led!

    :cheers: HBD man. Hope it's a good one!:party:
  20. KRONIK

    Interview with the person below you.

    I will ask a question to start it off. Then some one will answer that question and ask a question for the next person to answer. Question- If you won 1 million dollars, would you keep your Xj/Mj?