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  1. J

    Opening Day!

    The Mariners season starts tonight at 7. We are playing the A's. I dont know if anyone has been following the pre-season but we have a great team this year. Going after the AL West title!
  2. J

    Someone help me find this XJ

    IF this is in the wrong forum please feel free to move. This may be a little vague but im dying to find a certain XJ i saw in one of the first few issues of Petersons "Readers Rigs" magazine. Its one of my favorite rigs and ive lost the magazine i had. Its either dark dark blue or black, d44...
  3. J

    Anyone done tube fenders like this???

    Ive searched all over but couldnt find a tube fender done the way i have thought out. I want to do a tube fender that is shaped and looks similar to stock flares. The first tube flush with the cut out fender and a second placed a few inches out and down at a 45 degree angle, with some sheet...
  4. J

    Snow run this weekend? goat mtn, wildcat?

    I guess its supposed to be pretty cold all week, and it was just snowing at my house in Sandy. Anyone up for a run this weekend? Im still pretty new to the area so i dont know the best places to find some snow. Ill have my cherokee on 33's and a yj on 35's. Anyone that is up for a run and now a...
  5. J

    Goat MTN Run this month?

    Anyone planning on heading to Goat Mountain sometime this month. I want to tag along so I can get showed around up there. I live in Sandy, and ive got a cherokee on 33's with a rear locker and locked YJ on 35's. Let me know if anyones interested
  6. J

    Jeep door hinge repair kit

    I have a 95 4door sport, and ive had it for about a year and the driver door has always creaked and popped. Well a few days ago the welds finally broke on the upper hinge. I did a search and found its a common problem and that Chysler has put out a bulletin and a repair kit for it...
  7. J

    Goat Mtn Estacada

    Is there anykind of map for Goat mtn out there. I went out there for the first time on sunday and couldnt find any great wheeling. Or some directions to some good areas could work too. Thanks
  8. J

    Oil pressure sender

    Ive read around on the boards about a faulty oil pressure sender. My gauge started off bouncing around wildly and now settles all the way to the right, well passed any measurement. I read that it is wise to buy the "quality" sending unit. Where would i buy the good one and what are the places i...
  9. J

    Peters Creek ORV, Christmas Valley, OR

    I saw a flyer on a reader board in the local Ace hardware for this place. Anyone ever been there or have any pictures. There are going to be a number of rock crawl and mud bog events this summer. They listed this website.... , but the website is expired. It sounds like...
  10. J

    quick 231 question

    Havent broke into a 231 before, ive got a leak between the two peices of the case and was wondering if there is a specific gasket to use or if i should just some gasket maker. thanks
  11. J

    NEW XJ!

    well im just about to head up to Lake Stevens to buy a "new to me" cherokee from my buddy. i ended up blowing the headgasket on my old green jeep and sold it a while ago. This one is a 95 sport, 120k miles, 4.0ho/Aw4/231, RE4.5 lift with 33" pro comp mud terrains. im gonna use it for my dailr...
  12. J

    transfer case swap ?

    I've done a few searches, and haven't found a definite answer to my question. I have a 92 with aw4 and 242, my t-case is toast. i have access to a 231 case from a 92 with a manual tranny. is this a direct bolt in or ....? i can get this t-case for free. i also may be able to get a 242 from a...
  13. J

    custom made sub box

    heres a couple pics of the sub box me and my brother made. 2 10" JL's, the 6x9's have theyre own box built in with airspace for each. tucks up behind the backseat. covered in cheap bedliner.
  14. J

    quick t-case question

    ive got a 92 cherokee, 4.0/aw4/242 what spline count would my 242 be? mine blew up and im looking to get a quick replacement while i save for my atlas. someone has a cheap 21 spline 231. would that work?
  15. J

    headlight problems

    for some reason a few weeks ago, my panel lights and tail lights wouldnt work when the headlights were on. checked all fuses and wires, everything looked fine. so i went to the junkyard and picked up another headlight switch and replaced mine, but it didnt fix the problem. im kinda stumped about...
  16. J

    92 XJ, d44/9" and iroks!

    here i wanted to post some pics of my jeep. ive done a lot of work and trial and error and i think im finally at the point of having a good setup that performs awesome! specs... 92 laredo, 4.0/AW4/242 ~'79bronco HPd44, 5.13s, x-over steering, open for now ~'84 bronco 9", 5.13s, spooled ~ RE...
  17. J

    Steering shaft help

    ok so i had to take my steering box out to plate the unibody and tap it for bitgger bolts etc, now were trying to get it back in and the steering shaft isnt wanting to extend back out all the way to fit properly on the steering box. the mounting place of the box is still stock so i dont know why...
  18. J

    Amc 360??

    will an AMC 360 bolt directly onto an AW4??? or would i need to get an adapter
  19. J

    FS! 2.5L w/5speed and t-case 92K miles

    ive got a 2.5L with a 5speed and a 207 t-case....all in decent shape and has only 92K on it...out of an 85 cherokee... 120 OBO takes it all
  20. J

    dana 30 question

    an 85 d30 is a vacuum disconnect right?