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    Recommendations for a Lift Kit

    I am toying with the idea of lifting the Commander, and putting steel FR and Rear Bumpers on it. The trails I'm thinking of are not 10s or Black Diamond, but your basic Colorado trail like Jenny Creek or Pickle Gulch. There are spacer kits in the 2" range. Then there is a Super Lift kit in the...
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    Front Drive shaft repair - Vibes 30-40MPH

    A few weeks ago, the Commander started vibrating starting at 30mph and ending roughly at 40mph. I diagnosed it to the front shaft by putting the vehicle on ramps, blocking the wheels, and putting the t-case in N - then checking the play at each DS joint. Specifically, it was the T-Case side...
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    Login from main page issue

    When logging in from the main page, I get this error: Invalid Redirect URL ( When I log in at the forum, everything works fine. Edit 3/29- It appears fixed! Thanks!
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    RIP President George Bush SR

    It's been reported that George SR, 41st President of the United States, died today 11/30/2018 @ 94.
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    Front Brake info

    I had the pleasure of working on my front brakes yesterday. We had taken the boat out and noticed that under heavy braking the front left made a horrible grinding sound. I parked it a couple of days on the grass on the side of the house. When I went o move it, it made this shuffling sound, and...
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    Service 4WD System

    I pulled the boat to/from the lake yesterday, and put the T-Case in 4-LOW to back the boat up a grassy area where I store it. When I got done, the T-Case would not come out of 4-LOW, and the Service 4WD System message was lit. After a few re-starts, I got it into 4-HI and put it in the garage...
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    Parking Brakes delivering the Suck!

    I've finally found a weekend I like, changed the oil, started on the Parking Brake 1st. I stopped using the E-Brake a while back because if I applied it, it would stick on. Well, after getting the reasonably new rotor off, all I see is rust and burnt broken liner. I removed the shoes, springs...
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    Front diff breather burping fluid

    '07 Commander 4WD. I found a 1" puddle of stinky fluid after I put the Jeep away tonight. After getting out the flashlight and crawling around I saw fluid marks on the Pass side tire and the inner fender, but no fluid on the axle shaft or brakes/brake lines. What I did see was fluid...
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    EPA "Clarification"

    It seems that the EPA has clarified their rules about modifying emission systems on street legal vehicles. They won't allow it for any reason even if the vehicle will never see the street again. SEMA is in an uproar - probably because a good portion of the members products affect the factory...
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    2001 Cherokee Sport - $1,500

    2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4dr 90,000 Miles. 4.0L Automatic (AW4) Cloth interior with mud mats. Power Windows and Locks. Off-Road stuff:NP-231 4.56 gears - Open Differentials. 4 wheel disk brakes (Rear ZJ brake conversion). JCR front bumper with WARN M8000 Winch. Rear bumper was made by previous...
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    Badlands TFT Event - Dec 6th (link to Event Calendar on BadlandOffroad site)
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    Dec 6th TFT Run - Redbird State Recreational Area. IN (Open Link to flyer)
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    4.0L TJ/LJ - Trail idle question(s)

    I don't see this with the XJ because it's an Auto, but the LJ is a Manual. When idling down a steep trail, I will tend to use my brakes for additional braking and rely on the engine to keep puttering along at a low idle. Problem is if the ECU thinks things are not exciting enough, it will pop...
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    Ob(lunder), or how we yell "Charge" before a "Suprise" attack

    So I here that the President is "Going it alone" to attack ISIL and that he is going to have a press conference tonight to tell the world exactly how he's going to do that. According to the "War Powers" act of 1973, he is allowed to do that... But what about funding from Congress? It seems...
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    Silencerco Johnny Dronehunter

    Interesting video, and not just a bit tongue and cheek. Couldn't repost from my phone, but will later. Anyone else seen the video? It's an advertisement for a shotgun silencer. Appearany the story line is Johnny is driving down the road minding his own business when he gets forced off the road...
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    D30 Carrier Bearing bosses

    D30, Low Pinion, 4.56 Gears. When I had the Jeep torn down to find the source of a Clicking noise, I found a chipped tooth on the ring gear. Since it was large enough to have a part number on it I proceded to tear it down. When I pulled the carrier, the bearing shells fell off, which I...
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    CO OHV Stickers?

    I saw on another site where CO has an OHV sticker. Does it apply to Jeeps on Federal Land? I thought the only thing you needed was a license plate to use Federal Land... -Ron
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    Proposed Domestic Ivory sale ban

    From the NRA site: Sounds pretty far reaching from Guns to Artwork. You have to look though the transcripts a bit, but it seems to me that from the Fish...
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    Annoying D30 pinion leak

    The reason I put this in Modified is because of the parts used. I have a SOLID cover and Motive Gears. So I replaced the gears due to a failure. I replaced all the bearings. The 1st pinion seal leaked, so I replaced it again, it's still seeping from the seal. The SOLID cover has the fill hole...
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    WI "Pipeline" Trail FR-5552 in the Nicolet NF closures

    Just got back from a trip up there this weekend. Between Bucks Ranch road and W Metal Fences with snow fence filler have been erected to prevent access to any of the Pipeline trail south of a point some 1000 feet south of the challenge area called "Thunder Mountain". The trail length of this...