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  1. SPECFab

    BOD nominations

    The nominations close on the 15th and if there is no bod there is no Nw chapter. we need to get this sorted out quickly.
  2. SPECFab

    meet and greet 2/22/14 who is in?

    I was thinking to do this one on the south side of portland @ 7PM Fuddruckers 17815 sw 65th ave Lake Oswego. Should be a good compermise for the group down south. Let's get a big group together for this one :guitar:
  3. SPECFab

    anyone want to pick up a dana 44 in port angeles for me?

    read above anyone heading that way?
  4. SPECFab

    got a new MJ

  5. SPECFab

    So whats for dinner at NW Fest?

    I vote for porter house ribeyes LOL but that would get exspensive so whats the plan?
  6. SPECFab

    planning a work party at my shop thinking 3/16/13 and 3/17/13

    if any one wants to hang out and get their rig on the lift for a good once over or have a project they want to get done post up. have the lift open all day and tire machine and balancer if you want to swap tires (bring weights if you need them balanced) and fab tools for small metal projects...