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    Twisty Roads are FUN!

    A friend kept telling me he discovered a nice patch of twisty roads not far from his house. So I headed over a few days ago to check it out. We rode through the section first to get a feel for it, then recorded the way back. We went through first in his '88 TBird (5.0 with HO conversion, 5spd...
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    Don't you just LOVE a clean car?

    I took about 3.5 to 4 hours yesterday to clean up my Jeep. I typically spend a little longer on it when I wash/wax/vacuum it, but I didn’t spend near as much time washing it yesterday. I think I probably waste too much time on washing it most of the time. (Not saying it’s not an important...
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    Horrible Grinding Sound

    HELP! I don't know what this sound is, but it sounds horrible! Friend said it sounded like the bottom end of the engine, but it seems to have something to do with the drivetrain. With it in gear, foot on the brake, giving it some gas to build up against the brake, it'll start grinding. Put it...
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    Replacing Trackbar Bushing?

    Had a local shop take a look at the front end of the Cherokee yesterday, and they said the only thing that needed any attention was the trackbar bushing. Said it wasn't really bad yet, but would just continue to get worse and the Jeep would start to wander going down the road. Anyhoo, he...
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    Problem in drivetrain

    Ok, in the last week my XJ's developed some kind of a problem somewhere in the drivetrain. It's a '95 XJ with 147,7xx miles on it, and I have to sheepishly admit that though it's been a DD, paved surface-only car, I've DOGGED it hard a LOT. So, anyway, sometime last week I experienced my Jeep...
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    Cigarette lighter adapter quit working

    Just as the title says, my cigarette lighter adapter quit working. For a while it would almost kinda maybe work sometimes if you were really lucky. Meaning, I'd plug my phone into it to charge it, and I'd have to wiggle it around to get it just right, then I couldn't move the phone at all or...
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    Floor Mats

    I'm not 100% sure this is the right sub-forum for this topic, but it seems to be the best fit, so.... I'm looking at floor mats for my '95 XJ. I have a birthday right around the corner and couldn't think of anything, then I realized I need some floormats up front. I just want something that...
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    HELP! Running power wire through firewall!

    Hey all, I just bought an amplifier for my audio system, and I'm looking for a good place to run the power wire through the firewall. I've looked a bit from the inside and out, and haven't found a suitable place yet. I'd prefer it go through on the driver side, as that's where the amp is, but...
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    This sure is interesting...

    A chopped Toyota Land Cruiser. Actually looks pretty cool, if they'd take it off those stupid 22" wheels.
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    Tires and Thermostat

    Well, the coolant in my engine has been really brown and murky for a while now, so Dad just had it flushed out yesterday. The guy also said the thermostat was stuck open, so he replaced that as well. When Dad came home, he said he got some new tires on it, too! My old tires were some hard...
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    'Nother n00b introduction

    Hey, all! Thought I'd make an introductory post. I'm 18 and have a 1995 2-door Cherokee that has about 120,000 miles on it. From what I've been able to figure out so far, it has the 4.0 HO, AW4 auto, NP231 tc, Dana 30 in the front, and the Chrysler 8.25 in the rear. I still haven't figured out...
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    VIN numbers

    Is there a website somewhere that tells you what the letters and numbers in your VIN stand for? I should be able to tell color, engine, transmission, rear-end gearing, etc. from the VIN, right? How do I decipher the VIN? Thanks! carmike
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    I was searching through the '102' avatars and didn't see one I really like. How do I use a custom avatar? I don't seem to see an option for that.