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  1. JRT1393

    1997 ZJ for sale

    I have a 1997 ZJ I'm trying to get rid of. It has a 4.0/42RE/NP242. It runs very well and drives decent. There's a "shimmy" in the front end (I believe a proper alignment will fix it). It has 235,000ish miles on it. The muffler was falling apart when I got it, and it has now finished falling...
  2. JRT1393

    NP435 in an XJ...just tossing ideas around

    So a couple years back, I had a 1966 F250 flat bed with a 390 (at least that's what my grandpa was told was in it, may be a 352, which would've been the factory motor) and an NP435 granny 4 speed. Unfortunately the economy went awry, dad got laid off, and the truck had to go, but I kept the...
  3. JRT1393


    I need a computer/brain box/ecu/pcm for a 1997 ZJ 4.0 with a 42re. If anyone has one they'd be willing to part with let me know!!
  4. JRT1393


    The Fall Uwharrie Jamboree is October 18th, I'm planning on riding with a buddy of mine out there to hang out/support URE/watch people break stuff. If any of y'all are planning on going out there let me know and I'll try my best to find you out there. The next weekend there's a workday on the...
  5. JRT1393

    Uwharrie OHV vote

    Alright guys I know a lot of you may have already seen and/or voted on this, but basically it's a poll from the Montgomery Herald asking whether or not OHV's should be allowed to run the trails at URE. URE may not be the best place to wheel, but damn if it ain't a blast. This is about the only...
  6. JRT1393

    Comanche storage options

    A couple options from a couple of my buddies in the UNCC 4x4 club. One is my buddy's Taco that he built the rack for so he'd have a better place to keep a spare tire. It wouldn't take much to make it adjustable to accommodate larger objects in the bed. The other is on another buddy's 4runner...
  7. JRT1393

    Thoughts on cams and such

    I blew a hole in the side of the block of my 4.0 in my 2001 XJ a couple weeks ago, so it's been out of commission. I'll be picking up a 1997 ZJ tomorrow as a DD, so I can play with the XJ more since it doesn't have to get me to work/school and back. Besides suspension/lockers etc, while it's...
  8. JRT1393

    Weekend is over...what did you get done?

    My ignition lock cylinder about left me stranded the other day, so today I replaced it with a new one that I re tumbled (I guess that's the term) to fit my stupid transponder key. Now I realize that locksmiths, as patient as they are, get paid too much for this type of thing. Unless of course...
  9. JRT1393


    Found a rocker dent, I ain't even mad
  10. JRT1393

    before the crawl my junk needs.....

    Figured out I have plenty of room for a driveshaft up front beside my exhaust if I add another hangar, which will happen tomorrow. However, due to the JK rear uppers I'm using as lower control arms, my front axle has been pushed forward enough to where my factory driveshaft is too short. So with...
  11. JRT1393

    tools spare parts

    I will also be bringing this thanks to Goodwill :D
  12. JRT1393

    NC Departure

    I'll be leaving and heading down I-85 south through my hometown to highway 181 out of Morganton. I'll be leaving on Wednesday depending on my work schedule and how gracious my boss is. If I have Wednesday off I'll be leaving at around 8 or 9 in the morning. If I have to work I'll leave as soon...
  13. JRT1393

    Stock WJ suspension

    I have stock WJ control arms (all of them), y link, transmission crossmember, and springs. If I remember correctly it's all out of an '04 4.7L WJ. It all appears to be in good shape, I was going to use the uppers and lowers on my Jeep but decided to use JK parts instead. $75 OBO for all of it...
  14. JRT1393

    98 XJ distributor woes

    Here's a couple pics of what's going on. These are the brand new parts, Jeepis only misfiring on cylinder 5. If you unplug cylinder 5 it runs the exact same, anything else gets unplugged and it runs worse.
  15. JRT1393

    98 XJ distributor woes

    So I got a call from a buddy of mine tonight saying he had replaced his distributor cap and rotor along with his plugs and wires, but the Jeep wasn't starting (98 XJ classic, 4.0). When he removed the old stuff, the rotor was broken. When the new stuff was installed, it ran for a minute, then he...
  16. JRT1393

    UNCC 4x4 cookout

    Hey guys I know this is pretty short notice and a lot of you aren't close to the university area, but the UNCC off road club will be hosting a cookout/time killer from 2-5pm tomorrow at Marsfab in Harrisburg. It's reading day for us, which means no class and exams start the next day. Hope to see...
  17. JRT1393


    Happy birthday Tim!!! Hope it's a good one buddy!!! :party:
  18. JRT1393

    Weekend is over...what did you get done?

    I gots some bigger tars!!! I'm gonna chop some more sheet metal off this afternoon
  19. JRT1393

    SEC Rig Directory

    Mine currently. Getting a set of 33's Thursday, and possibly adding some armor soon
  20. JRT1393

    WTB: Stock XJ drive shafts

    I need a front and rear driveshaft for an XJ. Would prefer a rear from a D35 (slightly longer I believe). Both of mine need replacing.