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  1. MelloYello

    Need Help / Info on crash

    Hello folks of NAXJA - I need help. This photo was posted to the MHJC website this morning, I am not a member and have no access to post questions. This is my brother John's jeep. I need to know if he walked away and is okay! I have not been able to reach him. I don't even know where this...
  2. MelloYello

    GoFerIt otk insert?

    Has anyone used one of these OTK D30 inserts? I am installing the V8 ZJ tie rod (yes, I am cheap) and thinking about adding this at the same time. If you have info and/or pics please post up.
  3. MelloYello

    SEMA - MJ

    Very cool. Look what was spotted at SEMA...
  4. MelloYello

    Co2 fill in Boulder area?

    Does anyone know of a place to get a Co2 fill in the Broomfield/Boulder area?
  5. MelloYello

    Tomkin Fenders

    Hey guys - Vicki at Tomkin emailed me this morning about the release of the 4 door XJ steel fenders and pricing if anyone is interested...
  6. MelloYello

    Engine Light, Gas Cap?

    Hi, I have checked the tech section and not found much. Just wanted to see if anyone else has had this issue. My engine light comes on when my tank get around half way full. I took it to a mechanic and read the error code to be something with the gas cap? He cleared the code, I bought a new gas...
  7. MelloYello

    New Rear Bumper Idea

    I thought this was cool and thought I would share. This is the new rear bumper from AEV - yes I know it's not an XJ but the ideas are cool and maybe some of you awesome fabricators out there might get some ideas for an XJ (Frank Z). Anyway...
  8. MelloYello


    Saw this on CL and got a good laugh...