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  1. playwithit

    Weekend Catch

    Went Sturgeon fishing on Saturday. The day was perfect. Too much fun. We arrived at the ramp by 6:00am and launched my buddy's 20' Bayliner cuddy cabin. We hit the first spot and the wind was hitting it pretty hard. We tried to fish for a while but detecting the soft hit of the sturgeon was...
  2. playwithit

    This and that

    Ruff Stuff D30 cover back up. Now primered to prevent rust. $60 Tail light guards 96 and down. Saved a tailight at Deer Valley in 08. $60 Lucas has first chance at diff cover. Pick up in Fairfield or organize parts train.
  3. playwithit

    Cure for your New Years hangover

    I just heard back from Bob, the owner of Mix Challenge Jeep Trails in Vacaville. He will open his space to us this Sunday, January 1, 2012. I want to see at least 5 NAXJA rigs up there with me. Who's in? First wheel'n trip of the year. Gate opens at 10:00am. Bob is going to post up on...
  4. playwithit

    Ruff Stuff D30 cover

    New Ruff Stuff D30 cover. Say 50 bones? Can get to Oakland or NutSac.
  5. playwithit

    I want to burn metal

    Well the time has come to buy a welder. I have decided on a Miller. Which one? My immediate budget is $850. My dryer is electric, 230V and the outlet relatively easy access from the garage. Not too much space in the garage so size does matter. Millermatic 140 Auto-Set - how would this unit do...
  6. playwithit

    Cutting Sheet Metal

    Found the time to cut and fold the rear quarter panels. Followed this thread. Thank you Freerider. I realized that the thread started in July, 2004 and that he has a XJuggy on Tons, 42's, Hydro, etc. now. I...
  7. playwithit

    Rear Bumper W/ Tire Carrier For Sale

    Like to sell the rear bumper on my Jeep. Tomken rear bumper with locking tire carrier (up to 35"), two locking fuel can mounts (cans not included, but negotiable). There's a hitch built into bumper. Mounted Firestick antenna and Receiver Mount Shackle included. Bumper is designed for...
  8. playwithit

    Phil Crawl'n/New 2 Me Antirock

    Phil on Slick Rocks Stair Steps Gratuitous pic's of the new to me Currie XJ Antirock. Have not even backed it out of the driveway. I will provide feedback later.
  9. playwithit

    SierraFest T-shirts?

    I found out last year there was a curse on Jeeps that grace the front or back of NAXJA shirts. Most if not all have flopped, flipped or rolled. Of course this was not shared with me until after after my pile was chosen for the 2010 Sierrafest poster child. I narrowly skated disaster a couple...
  10. playwithit

    Fire Permit/Restriction Info

    As of now there are no fire restrictions in the El Dorado NF. The plan as I understand it is to apply fire restrictions, if needed, by elevation. If it gets dry enough at the lower elevation, they will have fire restrictions up to a certain elevation. Below is a link to a online camp fire...
  11. playwithit

    Who's Rig Is This

    I was passing through Granby I believe, on Amtrak and spotted this. Thought perhaps the Owner was on here. Made me home sick for my rig.
  12. playwithit

    Fix it so your chit don't suck

    What's left to do to your rigs in prep for Sierra Fest? Mine is a nice and small list, which could change after running Mix Canyon next Sunday: 1. Adjust both front and rear bump stops. 2. Fix leak at rear brake line 3. Grease zerks 4. Change oil
  13. playwithit

    Heartland for Independence Day

    A friend and I jumped a train in Martinez and headed for Omaha. It was a blast. Here's the pictures. Disclaimer: Pictures taken through the window of a moving Amtrak Train by a drunk passenger. All aboard! My bud Mark Be prepared California Sierras Donner Lake Truckee River Reno Saw...
  14. playwithit

    Stock 96 XJ Classic front seats (gray)

    Great shape, no tears or wear. Mounts included. 50 bucks or a case of suds (no Bud).:cheers:
  15. playwithit

    Ammo for the gear driven crowd

    Picked up a Rubicon Rock-Trac transfer case last weekend. I am prepping it for install. You know things like pulling out the credit card for new yokes and driveline. I think I got things figured out but really can't order drivelines without measurements. I guess this will be a couple week...
  16. playwithit

    231/242 core needed

    Anybody have a transfer case laying around I can use as a core? Working condition not required.:peace:
  17. playwithit

    New suspension seats for sale

    I have two new Race Trim suspension seats all black with adjustable head rests. I went a different direction and have no need for these. Looking for $225 or offer for the pair. Prefer not to ship. Located in Fairfield, CA and can get them to Oakland for serious buyer. The seat on the left and...
  18. playwithit


    Who is up for Mix Canyon next Sunday. Where: 2930 Mix Canyon Rd, Vacaville CA 95688 Take Cherry Glen exit off 80 just west of Vacaville. Take Pleasants Valley Rd to Mix Canyon approx. 5 miles. Take Mix...
  19. playwithit

    XJ Cage

    Not mine or what you think.
  20. playwithit

    Warn winch

    Cabelas has Warn M8000 winches for $399. Find the $80 rebate and you can have a new Warn for about $350 shipped:exclamati