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  1. Skully

    sKuLLy'S best Fathers day present to date!

    So I woke up Father's Day Morning thinking it was going to be a mellow day and not to much at all. Things are tight and told the wife not to buy me anything just because......... My two boys (5 1/2 & almost 4) were all hyper and excited waking up at 5:45ish as they were all worked up about...
  2. Skully


    I figured I would start a new thread about our other hobby, firearms! (Since some others find the other thread makes them queasy) :patriot: Post up your toys!
  3. Skully

    Anyone got a pipe cutter to cut 1 1/8 metal tube I can borrow?

    I need something like this to make a super duper clean cut. I cant use a chopsaw or table bandsaw because the item it is attached to is not a straight piece. I need something like this: I am in the Broomfield area, so anyone close would be awesome, in fact I only need it for a brief period...
  4. Skully

    Any MTB'ers around here?

    Trying to get back in to Mountain biking, anybody in to it here? .......or you all lazy chubbers and can only drive. :guitar:
  5. Skully

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

    Just wanted to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! Been crazy lately around my place but taking the time to say hey! :D:D:D
  6. Skully

    sKuLLy is part of the statistic now! #$%@%!

    So I go to get some lunch and come back at 11:33 to my work. Park right outside the north/west side of work as I always do, along with a dozen other fellow co-workers. Completely visible to other businesses around the neighborhood and exposed to anyone driving by. I periodically throughout the...
  7. Skully

    Operation TBI freedom

    Some people I have worked with in the past in my field of work has started a program for TBI for soldiers. I find it informational and they need support and help in many areas. I am giving them a shout out for helping our injured soldiers returning from services with traumatic brain injuries...
  8. Skully

    Mammoth Gulch 09-25-10

    Nothing fancy, last minute spontaneous and impulsive; "I do not want to be stuck in town today, it is too nice up there." I figured I would make it a family run and get the wife some little drive time off road. I choose Mammoth gulch only cause it is rated a 2-3 and in the area is usually...
  9. Skully

    Jenny Creek & Rollins Pass East 09/10/10

    Had a good day, and nice to meet new faces or ones that I thought I would never see this far north again! :greensmok We had a surprise at the start of Rollins Pass, Ranger Rick was there waiting for us. So it was JeepFreak, Skully (me), Beezle, XJCase, Xjcase's Girlfriend (sorry forgot your...
  10. Skully

    Help me to win a grant to help People who have Developmental Disabilities.

    Help me, help people who are diagnosed Developmental Disabilities. I know it is total long shot odds, but hey, if you don't try, you never had a chance anyway. Help me win a grant from the Pepsi Refresh project. Pepsi Refresh Grant Click on the link and vote for me!! A BIG Thanks to all...
  11. Skully

    Jenny Creek 09-11-10

    I haven't run this trail since '08 and want to just hit again for the sake of hitting it again. Jenny Creek: Trail-damage link I would say meet at 9:30am in Rollinsville at the F.S road 149 or aka the Tunnel Moffet Rd. For some that want to caravan up we can determine a Metro area meeting...
  12. Skully

    Too Funny and deserving of its own thread.

    Disclaimer: I have not seen this yet but don't hate me if you have seen this. A Woman, a Car, and a Mattress A Woman ran over a mattress on the highway, and decided not to worry -- and kept on driving. The ensuing jumble finally whipped around enough to tear a hole in the fuel...
  13. Skully

    Bill Moore Lake / Mill Creek Report 07-10-10

    The trails are definitely still the same, some areas look a little more rutted out than before specially the beginning of Bill Moore from Empire side. Running Mill Creek Clock wise was a lot more fun than counter clockwise. It is always nice to run a trail with XJboy, pleasure as usual, glad...
  14. Skully

    Anyone know abouting renting a pop-up trailer?

    For the week of the 21st to the 25th of July it is my wife's and youngests birthday. The wife wants to get away for 4 days and visit the grand canyon and other places. I was thinking it would be nice to be able to drop anywhere and stay in a pop up trailer on this little excursion. I find RV...
  15. Skully

    Bill Moore / Mill Creek run. Sat. 10th

    Need to accomplish two things; 1.) shakedown for all the changes in the Heepie since last year, 2.) my youngest boy's 1st wheeling trip: taking the WHOLE family: all five of us! Plan is meet 9:30ish Saturday at the Starbucks off of Downieville Exit and go up to Empire, Hit Bill Moore all the...
  16. Skully

    HAPPY FOURTH, Let liberty Reign!

    Stay safe, watch out for the crazy neighbors trying to burn down everyone's house and remember what this day is suppose to be all about! :party::patriot::patriot:
  17. Skully

    Jeep upgrades, like a fine Wine. The longer you wait.....

    ...............the better it tastes!!! :spam: Well not really, but you feel accomplished in something right? hasta SO for my B-Day back in April I got a pair of JCR upper 1/4 panel guards. FINALLY got around to installing them! Really impressed with their fit and how much stronger they are...
  18. Skully

    My XJ chapter ending; Re-gearing! (but not without bad luck)

    I have suffered with stock 3.55 gears for the last 3 years and will be so glad when I do not have to whip out the emergency road oars to get up a hill anymore. I started this re-gearing project 2 years ago buying parts here and there and with being tight financial wise delays and restarts along...
  19. Skully

    Wheres sKuLLy?

    Been pretty crazy last 8 months with the packed house; 2 1/2 year old and new baby. 8 months later it is still crazy and I do get a chance to lurk here and there but the other project I have been working on and off for the last 6 months is taking up what little time I have between work and...
  20. Skully

    6 days to Xmas and a week of no work, yippee!!

    So finally down to 6 days to the Holiday, I am all ready to rock, and cannot wait as my agency is typically closed from Xmas to until the first work day of Jan. Been a long year and need some time to do nothing for most the time and then get the little piddling little shite that I have not...