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    2000 xj Does Not Want to Start When Cold

    About half the time I try to start my jeep when its cold it just does not want to start. The starter turns over fine but the engine will not fire. When I stop cranking it, wait, and try again, it always starts on the second try. The check engine light has not come on, I have replaced the...
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    Stock Tire Carrier Bushings

    Anyone know where i can get some new ones? i installed an old stock swing away tire carrier from a 89 on my 2000, and it fell off when i opened it today because the bushings are shot. It is the one that bolts to the bumper and the rear quarter panel. Any tips?
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    Best place for drive shaft balancing in denver area?

    I know there was a forum about this a month ago or so but im too stupid to figure out this search stuff... so sorry in advance if this thread makes some of you mad :) Both of my driveshaft need balanced, which places do you guys have good experiences with? I have made some calls and it seems...
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    2 Jeep Comanches For Sale in Rifle... $500 for both

    I found a guy on craigslist selling two jeep comanches for $500. One is a 87, one is an 89, both are 4 cyl 2wd. I am considering buying them, but i only need one. He says he would not trust driving either of them home over i70. Do any of you guys have a trailer that would carry both of them...
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    Jeep won't start - no power!

    Drove my jeep to school today - got me there fine. Went to lunch - everything went fine. Went to start my jeep after school, and i turned the key to the first click and all the accessories turned on. Then when i turned the key to engage the starter, nothing happened and everything went dead...
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    Dana 60's at colorado auto and parts?

    I was at the junkyard today and noticed and dodge ram 2500 in the yard that originally had a diesel engine. I noticed the axles looked very tough and in good shape, and after some research i am pretty sure they are both dana 60s. Possibly a 70 or even 80 rear though... don't know if anyone can...
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    Ok, here is the story. Yesterday, me and five of my buddies went up skiiing at winter park. We drove my jeep and my friend's 4runner. I was not driving my jeep as I was hungover as s%$& because the day before was my 18th birthday. So my buddy Nick was driving. We finally left home around ten...
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    Powertrax No-Slip vs Lock Right

    I am about to put new axles on my 2000. The axles are stock from a '98 4cyl and have 4.10s in them, 8.25 29 spline rear. I am considering locking the rear before I do the swap. I cannot decide between the powertrax no slip and the lock right. I use my xj as a daily driver and frequently...
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    2000 xj project

    Just some background - I have had my 2000 xj for 10 months now, and I am about to do a new lift and axle swap... I use my xj as a daily driver, and take it up I-70 every other weekend to go skiing. I do a moderate amount of four wheeling and always air down and disconnect my sway bars when I...
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    Custom Sub Box

    Ok so I am a 17 year old kid, so of course I need to have a loud abnoctious (however you spell that word) stereo. I had two 10" subs in the back, but i got sick of my jeep rattling like crazy and not having any trunk space. So I decided to get creative in my woodshop class at school and build...
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    10.7 sec mj

    ok so today i was racing with my dad at bandimere, and I saw this sweet comanche in line to make a run. It seemed stock from a ways away, until the guy fired the thing up. Turns out it had a 401 amc v8 and nos. It was loud as hell! The fricken thing ran a 10.7 second quarter mile at altitude...
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    Passenger Window Won't Roll up!?!?!

    So i have a stock 1998 xj, and this morning i rolled the windows down, and then the passenger door wouldn't roll up. The motor still makes a sound like it is trying to roll up, but the window doesn't move. It acts like the motor is disconnected from the window. Help?
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    Oil Filter Leak Help!

    I have a 2000 xj with 130k miles that I have had for 2 months. I started running synthetic oil in it, and now I have had two oil filters begin to leak badly. My oil pressure gauge doesn't work, could I have too high of pressure causing this? Am I putting the oil filters on too loose or too...
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    Moab Muni Fest '09 3/27 - 3/29

    So my buddies and i just got home from moab last night after the muni fest... It was awesome!!! There were over 200 unicyclists there, and we unicycled sovereign, lower porcupine rim, and slickrock. We also took my jeep on fins n things. I would have liked to do more but we wanted to get home...
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    Tire Size Help!

    What size tire should I be running on my xj with 3" lift? Should I stick with stock 4.5" backspacing on the wheels, or go wider? I plan to do a good amount of off roading, but I also drive from denver to the mountains up I70 a lot. I don't mind removing my stock flares and trimming my fenders...