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    02 sensor test

    If I remember right, years ago I read that they did not make a tester that could test the oxy sensor without rendering it useless. That testers were not sensitive enough and would blow it. Can any one confirm or dispute this. I know technology has come a long way in 10 yrs. Is there a way to...
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    Cylinder Washout??

    93 XJ 4.0 inline 6, 4x4 part time, Auto tranny, Has anyone had a cyl washout problem with any eng and know why they occur and under what conditons they occur? My first encounter with this was during servere cold weather, runing good when shut off, THEN no start. The next time this...
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    Where is XJ..TJ..MJ Found ?

    Would that be the first 2 letters in the VIN.? My 2000 looks like IJ, (ij) Don't know what my 93 is, It's been covered with snow for about a week now. Thanks!